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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stewart Mandel's Mailbag's Stewart Mandel posted his latest college football mailbag column today, and he groups all 66 BCS conference teams (except Louisville) into four tiers (Kings, Barons, Knights, and Peasants). The Hogs fall squarely in the Knights group with luminaries such as Illinois, Missouri, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, old SWC foe, Texas Tech, and current SEC rivals, Ole Miss and South Carolina.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but a few points:

1. Alabama and Penn State still kings? Hardly

2. Clemson, Colorado, UCLA, and Washington as barons? Gimme a break. Rick Neuheisel anyone?

3. Syracuse a knight, but very close to being a baron? Syracuse? BS.

Tom Logan said...

I'd say Bama and Penn State are still Kings. I'd put the hogs on teh same level with many of the Barons however.