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Friday, August 31, 2007

FOX Sports simulates 07 season

Peter Schrager of FOX Sports spent some time simulating the entire 2007-08 college football season on NCAA '08. The results are pretty interesting. Schrager's of the opinion that the EA Sports game is an excellent predictor of what's to come. After all, he says the game predicted TCU's upset of Oklahoma in 2006 and Wake Forest and Arkansas's resurgence in 2007.

Here's what the season looks like based on that simulation.

NCAA '08 end of regular season rankings:

1. LSU
2. Nebraska
3. West Virginia
4. Arkansas
5. Virginia Tech
6. Louisville
7. Boise State
8. Penn State
9. Michigan
10. USC
11. Ohio State
12. Florida State
13. Wisconsin
14. Texas A&M
15. UCLA
16. Florida
17. Rutgers
18. Auburn
19. Oklahoma
20. Miami
21. Texas
22. Tennessee
23. Notre Dame
24. Washington
25. Purdue

BCS matchups

Rose Bowl: Penn State (Big Ten Champions) vs. USC (Pac-10 Champions)
Final score: USC wins 51-13

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech (ACC Champions) vs. West Virginia (Big East Champions)
Final score: West Virginia wins 31-28

Sugar Bowl: Louisville (At-large) vs. Michigan (At-large)
Final score: Louisville wins 27-20

Fiesta Bowl: Arkansas (At-large) vs. Boise State (At-large)
Final score: Arkansas wins 35-21

National championship: Nebraska (BCS No. 2) at LSU (BCS No. 1)
Final score: LSU wins 34-17
MVP: Matt Flynn, QB, LSU — 23-30, 311 yards, 3 TDs

National champions: LSU Tigers

Heisman finalists

Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
John David Booty, QB, USC
Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State
Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
Sam Keller, QB, Nebraska

Winner: McFadden

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