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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Fashion Police Are Out! Exercise Caution!

I hope the Hogs' unis don't change this year. I like the double striped pants and the "Arkansas" across the chest. I like the shade of red as it now exists, so I hope it doesn't change again. At some point, I'll have a "Hogs Unis Through the Years" post to show how our school color of "cardinal" has morphed over the years from a Mississippi State burgandy in the mid 90's to to an Oklahoma crimson in the early part of this decade, to the now nearly Georgia red/orange that I kinda like.
Here is an article that examines changes to football uniforms across the country. Note to Nike designers: Lay off the peyote. It's starting to affect your work. Ugghh. At least the SEC doesn't change their unis much, and never goes too far off the reservation. They're usually traditional.
My personal favorites are Michigan and Auburn's home unis. Sweet looks both.

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The Chief said...

JF is on FIRE!!