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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm Afraid We'll Miss Him This Year

Jamaal Anderson played well last night in an NFL preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 2 sacks, 5 unassisted tackles. It seemed like he was all over the field. Yes, it was preseason, but it was against the first team Bengals and the sacks were against Carson Palmer. Would have been nice to see him terrorizing SEC backfields for one more year, but with that kind of performance and the kind of scratch he signed for, you can't blame him. He made the right decision.

Lots of former Hogs on the field last night. Bobbie Williams started for the Bengals at right guard. Caleb Miller also started for Cincy at middle linebacker. In addition to Jamaal, I saw Chris Houston on a few plays and on special teams for the Falcons.

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Tom Logan said...

With Robinson and Harrison in the doghouse, the D-line is looking pretty week. I noticed that a true freshman is now 2nd team on the depth chart. Van Stumon and Donnell Sanders couldn't hold onto the job.