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Monday, August 27, 2007

Rob Keys predicts 8-5 season

Writing for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette Northwest Arkansas edition, Rob Keys predicts that the Razorbacks will finish the season 8-5. Keys believes the Hogs will drop games to Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, LSU and Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl.

I had this discussion with some of the Razorpod crew, but what are your thoughts. My belief is that 8-4 would be a huge disappointment for this team. With all of the talent on offense - not to mention the nation's best running back corps (I'm including Peyton Hillis and Michael Smith in that characterization) - I don't see how the Razorbacks can claim an 8-4 regular season as a successful one.

After all, the Hogs play 4 cupcake (and I mean awful, worthless, JV cupcakes) in non-conference. Add in the two Mississippi schools and there's 6 wins out of the gate (and wins that Arkansas could probably get with a lot of second and third team players on the field). South Carolina and Kentucky come to Fayetteville, and both should be wins if you're comparing talent and intangibles (i.e. home field advantage).

But to finish 8-4 would mean that the Hogs dropped its remaining 4 games. That would put the Hogs at 4-4 in conference play, and likely in 4th place in the SEC West. To me, that's unacceptable - although I know that those who love mediocrity will absolutely disagree.


Anonymous said...

If Bama, Tennessee, and LSU weren't road games, I would definitely agree. Going on the road and getting big wins like those are never gimmees.

Born Red said...

If Nebraska only makes the Cotton Bowl this year, I will be sorely disappointed, but beating Arkansas would make it all worthwhile.

Tom Logan said...

Do a detect a little bitterness from not getting Nutt when you had the chance, Born Red?

Anonymous said...

Dude was right!