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Friday, August 24, 2007

I Think We Should Roll Out the Apex Gear this Year!

Just because I like to point and laugh at these jerseys. Whose idea was this circa 1994 to put scary diagonal Hogs on the shoulders? Who made those things? Zubaz?
I mean, these things look cartoonish, let alone the fact that the Hogs are as big as J.J. Meadors' head. I hope whoever chose those immediately lost his job.
Danny Ford: "That sure is an ugly uniform over there on . . . on . . . that number one over there . . ."
Paul Eels: "You mean J.J. Meadors? Your leading receiver and the all time career leader in catches at the U of A?"
Danny Ford: "Who?"

1 comment:

Tom Logan said...

The worst football unis of the 90s. Hands down. Although the basketball unis from Nolan's first year are terrible as well.