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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Everybody loves the Hogs, but what about Jimmy G's Sooners

It's the worst kept secret in Razorpod-land that Jimmy G spent a few years in Norman on the campus of OU. No one is quite sure what all he did there besides cheer on Howard Schnellenberger and long for the return of Brian Bosworth. In that spirit, Dennis Dodd of CBS has his OU season preview. He raises questions about the QB position, and observes the aftermath of Rhett Bomar.

My prediction is that the Sooners, thanks to one of the easiest schedules in the country, finish 10-2 and find themselves in the Cotton Bowl. They won't beat Texas, but they should handle Texas A&M, Texas Tech and OK State, their three toughest conference opponents. If the Sooners get past Miami on September 8, they could roll up an 11-1 record. The Big XII is pitiful this season.


jimmyg said...

OU will get past the U without much of a problem, and all that will separate them from a birth in the BCS title game is the date at the Cotton Bowl in mid-October against Texas and the Big XII Title game in December. Also, get your facts straight, Buford. Gary Gibbs was the OU head coach during my stay in Norman.

Anonymous said...

The Boz was on steroids? That can't be true.

Mark McGwire