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Monday, August 27, 2007

Nick Saban? Ehhhh . . . Not So Much.

Blasphemous article stating that Nick Saban is not God. I think much like Spurrier has found at South Carolina, it's players that win games, and it is not as easy to get those players the further you are from fertile hotbeds like Florida and Louisiana, the former stomping groupds of The Ole Ball Coach and Saban, respectively. Not to say Bama won't get good players, but this author believes that national, or even league, championships don't come as easily as "just add Saban, shake well, and serve."


Tom Logan said...

I doubt Saban will have any trouble recruiting to Alabama.

BSR said...

Recruiting to Alabama's like recruiting to Notre Dame. The tradition sells itself. Saban's going to be just fine. He got top players to LSU before they were "LSU."

Born Red said...