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Friday, August 31, 2007

Starkville in Flames

I'm really not here to pile on, but the Mississippi State fans are at their wit's end on their message boards. They're ready to strangle one another like the folks in the pic. It's easy to see why, however, when their team completely goes to pieces on national television. Was Michael Henig simply chucking the ball as far as he could downfield on some of those picks? Oftentimes, there was nobody near the ball besides LSU defenders.
I know we've seen some bad times here in the Razorback Nation, but those guys are just fed up. I'd actually feel bad if I thought for one second anyone would feel bad for us if the tables were turned. Follow the link to a post on one of their message boards entitled "Michael Henig: The Biggest Loser in America." Pretty rough stuff.
Oh, by the way, nice sleeper pick, Patrick Williams.


Tom Logan said...

I feel no pity for them.

Johnny Fayetteville said...

You can't. What's the quote from Ford or somebody? "In the SEC, they'll slit your throat and drink your blood." It's true.

But poor State. Just no chance of winning.

The Chief said...

johnny f is on top of his game with his recent pics. good stuff JF!

BSR said...

State is State. They will always be terrible.