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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Left Alone With Big Fat Fatty, She Was Such a Naughty Natty!

Programming Note: The 2003 Arkansas-Kentucky game, of 7 overtime fame, will be replayed tonight at 11:00 PM on ESPN Classic. Set your DVR if you can't stay up that late. Not sure I can watch that one again. It wore me out the first time.


BSR said...

Isn't Lorenzen still bouncing around the NFL as a back-up? At one point I thought he was getting a serious look as a starter by virtue of him arm strength. Remember, Dan Marino didn't have any mobility. And yes, I just compared Big Fatty to Marino.

Tom Logan said...

He was pretty nimble for a fat dude. Seemed like he ran for a touchdown everytime we played a KY.

Anonymous said...

He's actually backing up Eli Manning in New York.

Yes, he's still fat.