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Monday, November 28, 2011

LSU Wrap

The pod crew wraps up the regular season by discussing the Hogs' 41-17 dismantling at the hands of the LSU Tigers last Friday.  A disappointing end to a really good season, but there is still much to look forward to for Razorback fans.  The crew discusses the bowl possibilities; the various championship games, and Jimmy G picks Army for the 8th year in a row.  The picks contest is tied going down the stretch with Jimmy G and Johnny Fayetteville running neck and neck to the finish.  Patrick and Tom have been mathematically eliminated from contention, but that doesn't stop them from making garbage picks just for fun and games.  Enjoy this edition of Razorpod, and be sure to check back in TWO weeks for the bowl preview show.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Razorpod Picks - Week 13

The Battle of the Boot. 1:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. No. 1 vs. No. 3. CBS. Razorpodders' picks for the biggest game, since the Big Shootout in 1969. The Hogs will be playing with heavy hearts for deceased teammate Garrett Uekman. A great season could turn epic with a Hog victory.

PW (43-29): Mississippi State, Washington, Iowa, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State

JF (47-25): Mississippi State, Washington, Nebraska, Alabama, Arkansas, Clemson

TL (43-29): Mississippi State, Washington, Iowa, Alabama, Arkansas, UCLA

JG (46-26): Mississippi State, Washington, Nebraska, Alabama, LSU, Georgia Tech

Monday, November 21, 2011

Miss. State Wrap; LSU Preview

The Hogs are now 10-1 after this weekend's 44-17 defeat of Mississippi State in Historic War Memorial Stadium this weekend. With the victory, and the other upsets around college football, the Hogs have climbed to the unprecedented #3 ranking in the BCS. On this week's show, the crew discusses this week's upcoming national semi-final game against the LSU Tigers, the Hogs chances to play in the National Championship (yes, I am typing that with a straight face), and the ways the BCS dominoes have fallen just right. Other issues are the untimely passing of Hog TE Garrett Ueckmann, the picks contest, and the national media's perception that a rematch is not the right matchup for the national title game.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tennessee Wrap; Miss State Preview

This week's show brings back the dreaded technical difficulties-in many ways.  JimmyG fades in and out, and Jena's revenge has caused the Razorpod email to explode in a shower of spam.  We have a NEW EMAIL:  r a z o r p o d p o d c a s t at  (expanded to defeat the spambots), so please change you emails accordingly.  In the show itself, we discuss the Tennessee blowout win and the upcoming game at Historic War Memorial Stadium this Saturday against Mississippi State.  Enjoy Verne and Gary at their finest:

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Razorpod Picks - Week 11

Welcome to the show, Arkansas State. The crew breaks down and predicts the Red Wolves Sun Belt showdown with Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday. The inside track to the Sun Belt Title is at stake in Jonesboro, and the crew calls for northeast Arkansas to show up and support ASU.

The pick standings are closer than two cousins in Kentucky right now as Patrick Williams has recovered to tie Tom Logan and Jimmy G for 2nd. Johnny Fayetteville continues his chase of the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves for the most epic collapse of 2011 with his lead now down to two games.

PW (38-22): Arkansas State, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas Tech

JF (40-20): Arkansas State, Virginia Tech, Stanford, Georgia, Arkansas, Iowa

TL (38-22): Louisiana-Lafayette, Virginia Tech, Stanford, Auburn, Arkansas, Kansas State

JG (38-22): Arkansas State, Virginia Tech, Oregon, Georgia, Arkansas, Ole Miss

Monday, November 07, 2011

South Carolina Wrap; Tennessee Preview

Full crew tonight for a discussion of the South Carolina win.  Good victory for the Hogs, and we look forward to next week's final game of the season in RRS.  Picks contest tightens up considerably, and once again P Williams has a doubleup to catch up opportunity.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Razorpod Picks - Week 10

This Razorpod Picks and long distance dedication goes out to Jena. Thank you for the interest in the Razorpod Blog and yours truly. The picks race standings stayed the same after 4-2 weeks for the crew. A special congratulations to Tracy from Tulsa who went 5-1 with his picks as a guest host on Razorpod.

The crew breaks down the LSU-Alabama game during the pick segment, and season leader Johnny Fayetteville chides the crew for their lukewarm pick of LSU. Young Fayetteville is firmly entrenced with Alabama. Unfortunately for JF, a winning or losing pick only counts as one whether you are confident or timid. Same as an objection - strenous or not - sayeth everyones favorite Lieutenant, Weinberg.

PW (33-21): Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas State, LSU, Arkansas, UCLA

JF (37-17): Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Arkansas, Vanderbilt

TL (34-20): Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, LSU, Arkansas, Washington

JG (34-20): Iowa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, LSU, South Carolina, Texas Tech