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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Razorpod Picks - Week 10

This Razorpod Picks and long distance dedication goes out to Jena. Thank you for the interest in the Razorpod Blog and yours truly. The picks race standings stayed the same after 4-2 weeks for the crew. A special congratulations to Tracy from Tulsa who went 5-1 with his picks as a guest host on Razorpod.

The crew breaks down the LSU-Alabama game during the pick segment, and season leader Johnny Fayetteville chides the crew for their lukewarm pick of LSU. Young Fayetteville is firmly entrenced with Alabama. Unfortunately for JF, a winning or losing pick only counts as one whether you are confident or timid. Same as an objection - strenous or not - sayeth everyones favorite Lieutenant, Weinberg.

PW (33-21): Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas State, LSU, Arkansas, UCLA

JF (37-17): Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Arkansas, Vanderbilt

TL (34-20): Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, LSU, Arkansas, Washington

JG (34-20): Iowa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, LSU, South Carolina, Texas Tech

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