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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Razorpod 9-30-2009: Saban'd...and now Beyond JerryDome...

Ahh...the bitter taste of getting run out of the stadium on the road. We're trying to put the Alabama debacle behind us on this week's show. Up next, the Southwest Classic vs. A&M, a rival from the old timey-time days. The crew (sans JimmyG) talks about the upcoming game in the JerryDome, and really worries as we don't know what A&M is going to do vs. the Hog Defense.

Razorpod_09_30_2009: Alabama Wrap: Texas A&M Preview

Razorpod Picks: Week 5

Razorpod is missing Jimmy G this week, but the picks must soldier on:

JimmyG (13-11 overall): Tennessee 27 Auburn 17; Cal 21 USC 13; Georgia 33 LSU 28; Oklahoma 31 Miami 21; Arkansas 38 Texas A&M 27; Sleeper: Maryland 23 Clemson 20

Johnny Fayetteville (9-15 overall):  Auburn 32-21; Cal 31-20; LSU 17-14; Oklahoma 24-21; Arkansas 42-32; Sleeper:  Oregon St. (over AZ St.)

Patrick Williams (14-10 overall) :  Auburn 31-17; Cal 30-10; Georgia 45-42; Miami 38-31; Arkansas 45-21; Sleeper: Louisville (over Pitt)

Tom Logan: (13-11 overall):  Auburn 31-28; USC 13-10; Georgia 35-24; Oklahoma 38-27; Arkansas 42-24; Sleeper:  Vanderbilt (over Ole Miss) 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picks and College Gameday

Unfortunately, I am unable to participate in this week's Razorpod. However, the picks and some commentary are too important to be missed. The picks:

Tennessee 27 Auburn 17
Cal 21 USC 13
Georgia 33 LSU 28
Oklahoma 31 Miami 21
Arkansas 38 Texas A&M 27
Sleeper: Maryland 23 Clemson 20

Apparently, ESPN's College Gameday is going to Chestnut Hill for this week's Boston College/Florida State game. Huh? There is no tangible football reason for this decision. Both teams are unranked. Florida State is 2-2 with an impressive victory at BYU, a tough home loss to Miami, an uninspired comeback win over Jacksonville State, and a home loss to South Florida last week. BC is 3-1 with two wins coming against Northeastern and Kent State, a butt-kicking at the hands of Clemson, followed by last week's OT win over Wake Forest. Neither team has a superstar or Heisman contender. Neither team will sniff the BCS. What possible reason could there be for Gameday passing on OU/Miami, Cal/USC, LSU/Georgia, or Michigan/Michigan State?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Razorpod Picks - Week 4

This week's games:
Ole Miss at South Carolina
California at Oregon
Iowa at Penn State
Miami at Virginia Tech
Arkansas at Alabama
Sleeper Game

Patrick Williams: SC 29-25, Oregon 35-28, Iowa 24-23, Miami 35-21, Alabama 18-17, Army 17-10
Johnny Fayetteville: Ole Miss 28-17, Cal 34-20, Penn State 32-17, Miami 24-14, Alabama 38-24, Washington 28-20
Tom Logan: Ole Miss 34-28, Oregon 35-32, Penn State 28-17, Miami 31-17, Alabama 42-24, North Carolina 21-17
Jimmy G: Ole Miss 23-21, Cal 31-28, Penn State 20-17, Va. Tech 23-22, Alabama 31-21, New Mexico State 28-27

Tom Logan (11-7)
Jimmy G (10-8)
Patrick Williams (10-8)
Johnny Fayetteville (8-10)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Razorpod_09_22_09: Why Willy Didn't Change Schemes; Why Mallett Is The Real Deal

This week's Razorpod show asks a fundamental question: would you rather lose a shootout or a Houston Nutt-style defense/running game? The answer: A shootout, of course, as it is much more entertaining.

The crew spends a lot of time letting Willy Robinson have it for failing to switch schemes.  Truly, would Georgia have scored any faster or easier if we had blitzed every down?  Probably not.  Mallett is praised, yet some offensive shortcomings exist.  Should the Razorbacks have run more?  The crew thinks so.  Yes, Arkansas has a history of making stars out of journeyman players:  Exhibit 1-A:

The crew's pessimism abounds: Alabama is a unanimous pick.  The usual gibberish follows-pick contest gets wacky, Jimmy G posts a perfect record last week, and Patrick Williams' stay at the top is short lived.  Jimmy G actually picks a sleeper team that is not Wazzu, and more.  Enjoy.

Razorpod 9-22-2009: Georgia Wrap; Alabama Preview

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Razorpod Picks - Week 3

The crew's picks for Week 3:

Georgia Tech at Miami
Florida State at BYU
Nebraska at Virginia Tech
Tennessee at Florida
Georgia at Arkansas
Sleeper Game

Patrick Williams:
Miami 31-17, BYU 41-35, Nebraska 24-10, Florida 60-2, Arkansas 24-22, Navy 31-20

Johnny Fayetteville:
Ga. Tech 28-24, BYU 30-20, Va. Tech 21-14, Florida 49-7, Arkansas 30-24, Arizona 24-14

Tom Logan:
Ga. Tech 31-26, FSU 21-20, Va. Tech 24-10, Florida 49-14, Georgia 38-34, Miss. St. 31-24

Jimmy G:
Miami 28-17, FSU 31-7, Va. Tech 23-17, Florida 31-10, Georgia 31-28, Wazzu 61-58

Patrick Williams (8-4)
Johnny Fayetteville (6-6)
Tom Logan (6-6)
Jimmy G (4-8)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Razorpod 9-16-09: Georgia Preview

In this week's show, the Razorpod crew previews the Georgia game.  Arkansas is a 2 point favorite, and the crew's picks reflect this as they split down the middle on the game.  The crew gets a bit testy with Patrick Williams about the order of the picks, and JimmyG welcomes Tracy from Tulsa back to the fold.  Johnny Fayetteville invokes the "explicit" tag at about the 1:00:00 mark, so beware.

Nods to JimmyG for the Houston sleeper pick last week, and for Johnny for the Rajun Cajuns over K-State. JimmyG also has a well-reasoned rant about Urban Meyer worth the listen. And: Guess where JimmyG ends up for his sleeper pick? Yep, you guessed it: The Palouse!

ITunes Links Fixed!

The ITunes link for Razorpod should be up and running again.  If you subscribe to the show through ITunes, you should now see the last 3 shows in your feed, and all future shows should come to you automatically.  If you don't see the last three shows in your ITunes podcast feed, just delete Razorpod and then resubscribe through the ITunes Music Store.

Of course, all shows will continue to be available directly from this blog and via 

We are recording the Georgia preview show tonight, so you should see it show up either late tonight or early tomorrow.  Drop us a line at if you have anything you want us to talk about.  Otherwise, it will be all Georgia and *cough* much discussion about someone's national picks from last week.*

*Hint: Someone=Patrick Williams 5-1 WOOOOOOOO!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Razorpod 9-9-2009: Willy Robinson's 'Stache Wants Its Still Photos, and Make It Snappy.

In today's show, we discuss the fantastic offensive performance against Missouri State. Mallett is the real deal; the defense and Willy Robinson's new Yosemite Sam 'stache have some work to do; and special teams are semi-special.

In other news, Logan is off to a fast start in the Pickem, Williams and Fayetteville are mediocre, and Jimmy G stumbles badly out of the starting gate. This week promises some movement with Williams out on a limb with UCLA and Michigan. The crew splits 2-2 on USC-OSU in the first really huge game of the year. Oh, and by the way, the sleeper games are laughable.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Razorpod Picks - Week 1

The Razorpod crew's picks for Week 1 of the 2009 college football season:

PW - Oregon, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Baylor
JF - Oregon, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Arkansas, Syracuse
TL - Boise State, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri
JG - Oregon, Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Washington State

National Sleeper Picks:
JF - Oregon State
TL - West Virginia
JG - Clemson

National Title Picks:
PW - Penn State
JF - Florida
TL - Florida
JG - Oklahoma

Technical Update Part 2

We're getting the Itunes thing fixed piece by piece. You can still use the solution listed 2 posts below to get our shows into your Itunes. However, this solution is even better:

1. Open Itunes.
2. Go to the menu: Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast
3. In the window that appears, type:

4. Click OK
5. Listen and enjoy.

The last thing we have to do is get the Itunes Music Store Link updated, and once that is done, we should be back to normal. Ill keep posting the embedded player for each show here, just to provide you multiple ways to access our fine program. Drop me a line with anything else of a technie nature that you can suggest.

Razorpod, Tuesday 9-1-2009

Razorpod goes in depth about Missouri State.  Well, not really, but more discussion on the game than strictly necessary.  Practice news and notes, and the lead pipe lock national picks.  The first sleeper games of the year get a big guffaw.  We end with the national sleeper teams, and shockingly, Michigan State is nowhere to be found.  Except derailing Penn State's inevitable championship run, that is. 

Johnny Fayetteville roundly booed for past performance in the pickem contest,  and Logan hits a full stop on the mailbag.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Technical Update

Hello fans. As we discussed on last week's show, our podcast host for the last 4 years,, went out of business during the offseason (or merged with a pay service, which for our purposes is the same). We are in the process of finding a new podcast host, but we have some pretty stringent requirements: it must take uploads of files up to 100MB, and it must be free.

So far, I haven't been able to find a site meeting those qualification. We are currently using, and it works, but I am having trouble configuring the feed for itunes. Obviously, the best way is still a direct download or streaming directly from

For now, here is a workaround for everyone who wants Razorpod delivered to their itunes so that they can put it on an iphone or ipod (I'm looking at you, Friday Night Guy!)

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Share" button at the top.

3. Click on the "Dropcast" link in the menu

4. This will pull up a screen asking you to subscribe using itunes, click ok.

5. That's it! It should now show up on the podcast menu in your itunes and will be auto-updated every time we post a new show.

Drop us a line in the comments if you know of any free podcast hosting services that allow large file uploads.