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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Razorpod Picks - Week 4

This week's games:
Ole Miss at South Carolina
California at Oregon
Iowa at Penn State
Miami at Virginia Tech
Arkansas at Alabama
Sleeper Game

Patrick Williams: SC 29-25, Oregon 35-28, Iowa 24-23, Miami 35-21, Alabama 18-17, Army 17-10
Johnny Fayetteville: Ole Miss 28-17, Cal 34-20, Penn State 32-17, Miami 24-14, Alabama 38-24, Washington 28-20
Tom Logan: Ole Miss 34-28, Oregon 35-32, Penn State 28-17, Miami 31-17, Alabama 42-24, North Carolina 21-17
Jimmy G: Ole Miss 23-21, Cal 31-28, Penn State 20-17, Va. Tech 23-22, Alabama 31-21, New Mexico State 28-27

Tom Logan (11-7)
Jimmy G (10-8)
Patrick Williams (10-8)
Johnny Fayetteville (8-10)


Bruce Wayne said...

Nobody picked the Hogs? We are going to outscore Alabama 38 to 35.

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