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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Razorpod Picks: Week 5

Razorpod is missing Jimmy G this week, but the picks must soldier on:

JimmyG (13-11 overall): Tennessee 27 Auburn 17; Cal 21 USC 13; Georgia 33 LSU 28; Oklahoma 31 Miami 21; Arkansas 38 Texas A&M 27; Sleeper: Maryland 23 Clemson 20

Johnny Fayetteville (9-15 overall):  Auburn 32-21; Cal 31-20; LSU 17-14; Oklahoma 24-21; Arkansas 42-32; Sleeper:  Oregon St. (over AZ St.)

Patrick Williams (14-10 overall) :  Auburn 31-17; Cal 30-10; Georgia 45-42; Miami 38-31; Arkansas 45-21; Sleeper: Louisville (over Pitt)

Tom Logan: (13-11 overall):  Auburn 31-28; USC 13-10; Georgia 35-24; Oklahoma 38-27; Arkansas 42-24; Sleeper:  Vanderbilt (over Ole Miss) 

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