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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Bielema Hired!

We bring you a special flash edition of Razorpod reporting on the hiring of Bret Bielema as the new Razorback head coach.  The crew has reaction, analysis, and thoughts about the hire and the future of the Razorback program under Bielema.

JimmyG Would Like To Welcome Mrs. Bielema to Northwest Arkansas...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LSU Wrap and Coaching Search Update

J. Fayetteville: "Oh, God, No!!!!"

The crew returns after the Razorbacks' 20-13 loss to LSU in Reynolds Razorback Stadium on Thanksgiving Friday.  While the Hogs' season and thankfully John L. Smith's tenure as Arkansas coach are now over, there's still lots of drama to be played out on the hill.  Coaching names are all over the inter webs, and the crew discusses most of them in jovial fashion.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LSU Preview

After a couple of weeks' hiatus, Razorpod returns with a vengeance.  The crew is hopeless for the LSU game, as you might expect.  Much discussion of the coaching search, and the national picks are as you might expect.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

South Carolina Podcast Delayed

This week's podcast will be recorded and posted Thursday because of Election Day and work-related travel for the crew.  Enjoy the election returns and don't forget about MACtion tonight!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Razorpod Picks - Week 10

Week 10 of the college football season is upon us (let that soak in for a moment), and the crew gets you all set for what were supposed to be national semifinals - Alabama vs. LSU and Oregon vs. USC. A funny thing happened on the way to the altar, however. LSU lost at Florida, and USC fell on its face twice. Alabama and Oregon lived up to preseason expectations and are ranked one and two in the human polls, respectively.

PW (26-28): Texas A&M, Kansas State, Oregon, Alabama, Arkansas, Washington State
JF (31-23): Texas A&M, Kansas State, Oregon, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia
TL (34-20): Mississippi State, Kansas State, Oregon, LSU, Tulsa, Washington
JG (31-23): Texas A&M, Kansas State, Oregon, Alabama, Tulsa, Miami

See ya next week,
Jimmy G

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ole Miss Wrap; Tulsa Preview

Site of OU's Historic Wins Gone Missing, Per JimmyG

The crew (sans Johnny) discusses the Ole Miss loss at Historic War Memorial Stadium this past weekend.  Tom Logan handles the mailbag with his usual aplomb, while JimmyG is flummoxed by the mysterious disappearance of the Orange Bowl.  Enjoy this week's show.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Razorpod Picks - Week 9

The picks return to the blog after a two week hiatus. The crew apologizes for not posting the national game predictions these past two weeks. The good news for the Razorpodders is the records have improved, so the Hogs and the Razorpod crew are both moving in the right direction.

Patrick Williams (22-26): Kansas State, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan State
Johnny Fayetteville (28-20): Kansas State, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Baylor
Tom Logan (30-18): Kansas State, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Washington
Jimmy G (28-20): Kansas State, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee

As a bonus, here are the World Series picks:

Patrick Williams: San Francisco
Johnny Fayetteville: Detroit
Tom Logan: Detroit
Jimmy G: Detroit

See ya next week,
Jimmy G

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ole Miss Preview

The crew (minus Logan) takes apart the Ole Miss game set for Historic War Memorial this weekend.  The picks look pretty much unanimous, with a few exceptions.  Can Arkansas' defense hold the Rebels or is the key matchup the Arkansas offense vs. the Ole Miss defense?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kentucky Wrap; Bye Week Preview

The pod crew looks forward to the bye week after the Razorbacks' 49-7 pasting of the Kentucky Wildcats last Saturday.  The crew discusses the game and the emergence of some of the young players on the team.  Tom Logan is a late arrival, but gets his picks in on time.  Enjoy the show.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Auburn Wrap; Kentucky Preview

This week's edition of Razorpod is upbeat, reflecting the Hogs' 24-7 win at Auburn last week.  We are all SMILING as John L has commanded, and we have a good time looking forward to the Kentucky game in Fayetteville this weekend.  Picks are horrendous as usual, with Patrick Williams vying for the all-time cellar position, 8 games under .500 only a month into the season.  It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and its not over for P Williams either, as he continues the double-up-to-catch-up strategy that has always served him so well.

Friday, October 05, 2012

National Picks - Week 6

Week 6 of the college football season is upon us, and the leaves are changing Iowa anyway. Wonderful trip with Patrick Williams and his Iowa crew last weekend, but reality is clearly back upon us. The Hogs embark on their second straight road trip as they head to Auburn, Alabama. Coach John L. Smith remarked that the Hogs really travelled well last week. As in they literally travelled well. They got on and off the plane, found their hotel rooms, rode the team to the stadium, and made their way back to Fayetteville with all their luggage. If you really do make the most improvement from your first road trip to your second, the Hogs should be something else this weekend. They may even help the valet park cars. Travel like a champion, Arkansas.

National Picks:
PW (13-17): Nebraska, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Northwestern
JF (17-13): Ohio State, West Virginia, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, Texas Tech
TL (17-13): Ohio State, West Virginia, LSU, South Carolina, Auburn, Ole Miss
JG (17-13): Ohio State, Texas, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, Syracuse

This week's "Faces of Arkansas Football" honors Dr. Lou himself. Coach Lou Holtz patrolled the sidelines in Arkansas from 1977-1983 where he compiled a record of 60 wins, 21 losses, and 2 ties. Holtz replaced Arkansas legend Frank Broyles, and he immediately paid dividends.
Career Highlights - Led Arkansas to an 11-1 record in his first season and capped it off with an Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma and a number three ranking, 1979 team went 10-2 and appeared in the Sugar Bowl, demolished number one Texas 42-11 in Fayetteville in 1981, beat Florida in the 1982 Bluebonnet Bowl as the Hogs finished the season in the top 10 of all the major polls.
Career Lowlights - 7-5 season in 1980 that included a loss to Rice, questionable pass interence call in the SMU games cost the Hogs a shot at the 1982 SWC title, 6-5 season with no bowl appearance in his final season - 1983, dealing with athletic director Frank Broyles. (as always, all information provided by the 2012 Arkansas Football Media Guide)

Congratulations, Lou Holtz, you are this week's "Face of Arkansas Football".

See ya next week,
Jimmy G

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A&M Wrap; Auburn Preview

JimmyG and Patrick Williams return from Iowa City on this week's edition of Razorpod, glad to have not witnessed even one play of the Hogs' 58-10 whitewashing at the hands of Johnny Manziell and the Texas A&M Aggies.  The crew, led by Johnny and Tom, details the loss and the crew has a spirited discussion of John L.'s decision to kick a field goal down 38 points.  The picks contest is shaping up to be a good one, with Johnny, Tom, and Jimmy G all tied in first place.  Patrick still well below the Mendoza Line and no amount of double-up-to-catch-ups will help him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

National Picks - Week 5

The Hogs keep losing, but the crew continues to roll along. Another soft slate of national games, but the Ryder Cup is this weekend in the Chicago area. Most of the crew believes the Euros are ready to dominate the United States team again, but one podder has faith in the Hogs and the USA.

PW (10-14): Europe, West Virginia, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Texas A&M, Boston College
JF (14-10): Europe, West Virginia, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Texas A&M, North Carolina State
TL (12-12): Europe, West Virginia, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Texas A&M, Washington
JG (15-9): United States, West Virginia, Michigan State, Texas, Minnesota, Arkansas, South Alabama

This week's "Faces of Arkansas Football" changes course, and the crew is proud to honor one of its own: Johnny Fayetteville. Johnny is a life long Hog fan who never gives up on his beloved Razorbacks. Johnny has one degree from the University of Arkansas and is a proud alum of the university and Kappa Alpha Order. Fan Highlights: Attending the Cotton Bowl victory over Kansas State, being a season ticket holder for over a decade, punching a hole in the carport house entry door of Studio Jimmy G after the Hogs victory over Alabama in 2003. Fan Lowlights: Attending the Music City Bowl loss against Minnesota, missing the Sugar Bowl trip in January 2011, being gut punched by Georgia's big red headed three-point assassin in a heartbreaking Hogs basketball defeat. Congratulations, Johnny Fayetteville. You are this weeks "Face of Arkansas Football".

This will also be a special week for yours truly as I make my first visit to Big Ten country. Many thanks to our host Patrick Williams for asking me come along for the Minnesota-Iowa game in Iowa City. I look forward to regaling our listeners on next week's show with some of the escapades. Also, apologies to Born Red. I have been to Lincoln for a Nebraska football game, but Nebraska a year away joining the Big Ten.

See ya next week,
Jimmy G

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rutgers Wrap; A&M Preview

This week's show talks about last weekend's Rutgers debacle and the upcoming visit to College Station.  We have more questions than answers at this point, but there are still a couple of diehard crew members that pick the Hogs.  John L's visit to the Touchdown Club is on the agenda as well as Patrick Williams and Jimmy G's upcoming road trip to Historic Kinnick Stadium.  Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

National Picks - Week 4

The 2012 college football season is about to reach the 1/4 mile pole. Arkansas is lagging far behind and will need to make a Mine That Bird-like charge to get back in the national consciousness - at least for positive reasons. The Razorpod crew is still fired up, though, and the national picks roll on.

Patrick Williams (8-10): Oregon, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Clemson, Arkansas, BYU
Johnny Fayetteville (10-8): Oregon, Notre Dame, Kansas State, Florida State, Arkansas, Missouri
Tom Logan (10-8): Oregon, Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida State, Arkansas, Utah
Jimmy G (12-6): Oregon, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Florida State, Arkansas, Southern Miss

The Razorpod crew's "Faces of Arkansas Football" bestows this week's honor upon Fred Thomsen. Fred coached the Hogs from 1929-1941 and compiled a record of 56-61-10.

Career Highlights: Led Arkansas to its first ever bowl game in 1933 when the Hogs faced Centenary in the Dixie Classic (7-7 tie). Arkansas won its first SWC title in 1936 with a 5-1 conference record and 7-3 overall ledger. Amassed ten ties during his tenure.
Career Lowlights: Arkansas had to vacate the 1933 SWC title for using an ineligible player. Had more ties than wins in the 1932 season as Arkansas went 1-6-2. Arkansas went 13-25-2 over Thomsen's last four seasons.

Take a bow, Coach Thomsen. You are this week's "Face of Arkansas Football".

See ya next week,
Jimmy G

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alabama Wrap; Rutgers Preview

This man commands you to SMILE.  This man is also insane.

Johnny Paycheck is smiling all the way to the bank after collecting part of his 800+-thousand dollar paycheck for his team getting whipped by Alabama 52-0 in Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium last Saturday.  The crew breaks down the loss and looks ahead to Rutgers.  Johnny (Fayetteville) asks how a team can regress so much so quickly.  JimmyG leads the picks contest, and Patrick Williams wants to start a spin-off podcast for stock picking, since his Razorpod picks are going so well.  Enjoy the angst on this week's edition of Razorpod.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Razorpod Picks - Week 3

Louisiana-Monroe Week is in the rearview mirrer, though objects are closer than they appear. Arkansas is moving on to face number one Alabama in the SEC opener on Saturday, and the crew has predictions on that game and more. Picks and records are below.

The Faces of Arkansas Football rolls into week two, and Razorpod is proud to honor Coach Francis Schmidt. Schmidt coached the Hogs from 1922-1928 and compiled a record of 42 wins, 20 losses, and 3 ties. Career Highlights: 1927 team finished with 8 wins against just 1 loss. This set a then-Arkansas record for most victories in a season. 1928 team went 7-2 and finished second in the SWC. Career Lowlights: 1924 team managed to finish 7th in the SWC despite a 7-2-1 record (conference record was 1-2-1). Lost 60-13 to Baylor in his first season as head coach. 1925 team was shut out 4 times in 9 games. Left Arkansas for TCU after the 1928 season. Congratulations, Coach Francis Schmidt, you are this week's "Face of Arkansas Football". (All information provided by the 2012 Arkansas Football Media Guide)

Patrick Williams (5-7): Texas, Stanford, Michigan State, Florida, Arkansas, Arizona State
Johnny Fayetteville (7-5): Texas, USC, Michigan State, Tennessee, Alabama, Western Kentucky
Tom Logan (8-4): Texas, USC, Michigan State, Florida, Arkansas, Navy
Jimmy G (8-4): Texas, USC, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Alabama, Utah

See ya next week,
Jimmy G

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ULM Wrap; Alabama Preview

The crew is back for a dissection of the utter disaster last Saturday night in Historic War Memorial Stadium.  Yes, it was bad.  Worse than the Citadel?  Crew members disagree.  Also, how bad will Alabama beat the Hogs this week?  Will anyone pick the Razorbacks?  Will even Mr. Steadfast, Johnny Fayetteville, pick against them?

The picks are dismal as usual, with JimmyG leading the crowd at a paltry 3-3 last week.  Enjoy the spleen for John L. and crew on this week's show.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Razorpod Picks - Week 2

Welcome to the 2012 Razorpod National Picks. The crew apologizes for not posting the week one picks, and we've flogged ourselves accordingly.

A new feature of this years pick column will be the "Faces of Arkansas Football". Each week a former Arkansas Razorbacks head coach will be featured. Razorpod could think of no better way than to start with Joe Kines. Coach Kines was the head coach at Arkansas from 1992 to 1992. A glorious season (minus one game) that included Arkansas' initial SEC game and campaign. Kines finished his Arkansas career with a record of three wins, six losses, and one magnificent tie (against who else but Auburn and Pat D(t)ye himself). Career highlight - leading Arkansas to its first every SEC win at South Carolina (45-7) just one week after the infamous loss to The Citadel elevated Kines to the head coaching position and a 25-24 upset of 4th ranked Tennessee in Knoxville. Lowlight - just about everything else. Arkansas was 1-6-1 Kines other eight games including a 22-6 loss at Memphis State that featured having four punts blocked by the Tigers (by the same player, actually). Also, Kines unwittingly hired his replacement when he brought Danny Ford in as a consultant. Here's to you, Joe Kines, a "Face of Arkansas Football".  On with this week's picks.

Patrick Williams (3-3): Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Florida, Arkansas, Oregon State
Johnny Fayetteville (5-1): Nebraska, Georgia, Iowa State, Texas A&M, Arkansas, UTEP
Tom Logan (6-0): Nebraska, Georgia, Iowa, Florida, Arkansas, Auburn
Jimmy G (5-1): Nebraska, Georgia, Iowa, Florida, Arkansas, Northwestern

Congratulations Tom Logan for an undefeated week.

See ya next week,
Jimmy G

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Jacksonville State Wrap; UL-Monroe Preview

The crew returns to action after Hurricane Isaac knocked out power at Studio Patrick Williams last week.  Picks are in, and everyone started off ok; PW brings up the rear at 3-3 while Tom Logan fires a perfect 6-0 out of the gate.  Jacksonville State brought home everyone's worst fears about the John L. Smith era.  Tom thinks Paul Haynes is hiding some schemes from Alabama; everyone else just thinks they aren't very good.

Historic War Memorial is on tap for this weekend, with UL-Monroe in town for their annual home game in Razorback colors.  The weather is going to turn a bit fall-ish and JimmyG will be making an appearance in the Rock.  Johnny has technical difficulties, but otherwise, things are looking up, so enjoy this week's show.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Preseason Show 2012

Welcome to Razorpod 2012.  The crew starts Season 8 off the right way with preseason Hog predictions, SEC West and East Previews, and the exclusive National Sleeper Team picks.  Thanks to all our loyal listeners for continuing to stick with us over the years.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Petrino's Firing

The crew weighs in on Petrino's dismissal amid the Jessica Dorrell affair.  Has the 2012 season taken a terminal hit or can the Hogs salvage something from the disaster.  JimmyG and Johnny join Patrick on a Very Special edition of Razorpod.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Season Wrap; Cotton Bowl Wrap

The Razorbacks completed a Top-5 season with a 29-16 victory over Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl on January 6.  The Razorpod crew presents their season wrap-up show with a Cotton Bowl report, recruiting news, and a unique look at Hog Hoops.  Also on tap are Jimmy G's recap of the Bowl Pickem contest, in which Johnny posted the rare double win (regular season and bowl).

Tom Logan covers the mailbag and recruiting.  Good times ahead for Hog Fans.