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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

National Picks - Week 5

The Hogs keep losing, but the crew continues to roll along. Another soft slate of national games, but the Ryder Cup is this weekend in the Chicago area. Most of the crew believes the Euros are ready to dominate the United States team again, but one podder has faith in the Hogs and the USA.

PW (10-14): Europe, West Virginia, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Texas A&M, Boston College
JF (14-10): Europe, West Virginia, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Texas A&M, North Carolina State
TL (12-12): Europe, West Virginia, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Texas A&M, Washington
JG (15-9): United States, West Virginia, Michigan State, Texas, Minnesota, Arkansas, South Alabama

This week's "Faces of Arkansas Football" changes course, and the crew is proud to honor one of its own: Johnny Fayetteville. Johnny is a life long Hog fan who never gives up on his beloved Razorbacks. Johnny has one degree from the University of Arkansas and is a proud alum of the university and Kappa Alpha Order. Fan Highlights: Attending the Cotton Bowl victory over Kansas State, being a season ticket holder for over a decade, punching a hole in the carport house entry door of Studio Jimmy G after the Hogs victory over Alabama in 2003. Fan Lowlights: Attending the Music City Bowl loss against Minnesota, missing the Sugar Bowl trip in January 2011, being gut punched by Georgia's big red headed three-point assassin in a heartbreaking Hogs basketball defeat. Congratulations, Johnny Fayetteville. You are this weeks "Face of Arkansas Football".

This will also be a special week for yours truly as I make my first visit to Big Ten country. Many thanks to our host Patrick Williams for asking me come along for the Minnesota-Iowa game in Iowa City. I look forward to regaling our listeners on next week's show with some of the escapades. Also, apologies to Born Red. I have been to Lincoln for a Nebraska football game, but Nebraska a year away joining the Big Ten.

See ya next week,
Jimmy G

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Anonymous said...

Vomiting at the 2002 Cotton Bowl. Because of the horrible play on the field and lots of booze from the night before.