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Friday, August 31, 2007

For G Baby and the boys at the Studio

G, she's single now. I know you're a Cuthbert guy, but consider this option for Rib Party IX. Go Hogs.

FOX Sports simulates 07 season

Peter Schrager of FOX Sports spent some time simulating the entire 2007-08 college football season on NCAA '08. The results are pretty interesting. Schrager's of the opinion that the EA Sports game is an excellent predictor of what's to come. After all, he says the game predicted TCU's upset of Oklahoma in 2006 and Wake Forest and Arkansas's resurgence in 2007.

Here's what the season looks like based on that simulation.

NCAA '08 end of regular season rankings:

1. LSU
2. Nebraska
3. West Virginia
4. Arkansas
5. Virginia Tech
6. Louisville
7. Boise State
8. Penn State
9. Michigan
10. USC
11. Ohio State
12. Florida State
13. Wisconsin
14. Texas A&M
15. UCLA
16. Florida
17. Rutgers
18. Auburn
19. Oklahoma
20. Miami
21. Texas
22. Tennessee
23. Notre Dame
24. Washington
25. Purdue

BCS matchups

Rose Bowl: Penn State (Big Ten Champions) vs. USC (Pac-10 Champions)
Final score: USC wins 51-13

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech (ACC Champions) vs. West Virginia (Big East Champions)
Final score: West Virginia wins 31-28

Sugar Bowl: Louisville (At-large) vs. Michigan (At-large)
Final score: Louisville wins 27-20

Fiesta Bowl: Arkansas (At-large) vs. Boise State (At-large)
Final score: Arkansas wins 35-21

National championship: Nebraska (BCS No. 2) at LSU (BCS No. 1)
Final score: LSU wins 34-17
MVP: Matt Flynn, QB, LSU — 23-30, 311 yards, 3 TDs

National champions: LSU Tigers

Heisman finalists

Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
John David Booty, QB, USC
Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State
Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
Sam Keller, QB, Nebraska

Winner: McFadden

The Fashion Police Are Out! Exercise Caution!

I hope the Hogs' unis don't change this year. I like the double striped pants and the "Arkansas" across the chest. I like the shade of red as it now exists, so I hope it doesn't change again. At some point, I'll have a "Hogs Unis Through the Years" post to show how our school color of "cardinal" has morphed over the years from a Mississippi State burgandy in the mid 90's to to an Oklahoma crimson in the early part of this decade, to the now nearly Georgia red/orange that I kinda like.
Here is an article that examines changes to football uniforms across the country. Note to Nike designers: Lay off the peyote. It's starting to affect your work. Ugghh. At least the SEC doesn't change their unis much, and never goes too far off the reservation. They're usually traditional.
My personal favorites are Michigan and Auburn's home unis. Sweet looks both.

College Football Saturday Just One Day Away

The Studio will be hopping for the first Saturday of college football. What you looking at, Houston?

Brokeback for Gus

Gus Malzahn is a good coach. He will do well at Tulsa. They will rack up some passing yards and compete in Conference USA.
But weren't they already doing that before Gus's hire with Kragthorpe and Co.? Tulsa got off to a good start last night, defeating perennial power Louisiana-Monroe 35-17. They were down at the half, and pulled away late after it was obvious ULM was completely gassed. Tulsa has better talent, which stands to reason. Conference USA should attract better talent than the Sun Belt. This was also not some coaching performance for the ages, defying all odds, pollsters, and oddsmakers. Tulsa was favored, on the road, by 3, in what was an extremely enticing line. But from the response on the internets (specifically Hogville) Bill Belichick, Bear Bryant, Knute Rockne, Vince Lombardi, and the Heavenly Host himself don't know squat about football compared to Gus.
I think he's a good coach, but the man love has really gone over the top.

Starkville in Flames

I'm really not here to pile on, but the Mississippi State fans are at their wit's end on their message boards. They're ready to strangle one another like the folks in the pic. It's easy to see why, however, when their team completely goes to pieces on national television. Was Michael Henig simply chucking the ball as far as he could downfield on some of those picks? Oftentimes, there was nobody near the ball besides LSU defenders.
I know we've seen some bad times here in the Razorback Nation, but those guys are just fed up. I'd actually feel bad if I thought for one second anyone would feel bad for us if the tables were turned. Follow the link to a post on one of their message boards entitled "Michael Henig: The Biggest Loser in America." Pretty rough stuff.
Oh, by the way, nice sleeper pick, Patrick Williams.

FW: Sleeper Picks

You know, I deserve all ragging that I get for my Miss State sleeper pick.   Clearly, the worst sleeper pick in the history of Razorpod.  However, I am somewhat at peace with it since my second choice for sleeper game was Utah over Oregon State, which would have also been a loser.
Doesnt matter if you lose by 17 or by 45, a loss is still a loss.  I am staring straight at a 1-5 first week on Razorpod picks to start off the season.  Nice work, PW. 

Maxine's re-opens this weekend

The famous Fayetteville watering hole Maxine's Tap Room re-opens this weekend. The establishment, run by Maxine Miller who passed away not long ago, was severely damaged in a fire last December. So for those of you in Fayetteville this weekend, stop by, have a beer, maybe play a video game or two, check out of the juke box and remember.

Baker's Dozen - Week 1

After much goading and prodding, the Baker's Dozen is back for year ten. I was going to retire the Baker's Dozen with SHS being a non-factor now in high school football, but unfortunately, too many people say they can't live without this weekly feature (not really sure I believe that), so here we go.

Springdale over Jefferson City
Springdale Har-Ber over Lawton MacArthur
LR Central over West Memphis
Bryant over Benton
Pulaski Academy over Forrest City
Mountain Home over Stuttgart
Nashville over Hope
Watson Chapel over Malvern
Fayetteville over Batesville
Star City over Rivercrest
Charleston over Ozark
LR McClellan over LR Hall
FS Southside over Greenwood

Top Five
1. Springdale
2. LR Central
3. Bentonville
4. Bryant
5. Warren
6. Fayetteville
7. FS Southside
8. Texarkana
See ya next week,
Jimmy G

Go Ahead and Mark Down 5 Wins

After watching last night's LSU-Mississippi State game, is there any doubt that MSU will be the walking dead by the time they roll into Reynolds Razorback Stadium in November? Just one more win and Houston is bowling for the eighth time in ten years!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Because No One Will Complain

It's time for some football.

Separated At Birth?

Couldn't find the best pictures of these guys, but are Brandon Dean and Darren McFadden the same person? I was struck at how much D Mac looked like Brandon Dean.

Ainge Broken Pinkie

Eric Ainge has a broken pinkie, but expects to play against Cal.

For some reason, this brings to mind the Music City Bowl in 2002. After an inteception by Minnesota, the Minnesota DB could be seen streaking by Carlos Ousley, who was busy tending to his jammed finger.

BSR's bowl predictions

The Razorpod dudes won't let me on the show to talk about anything, so I've got to post here to let my voice be heard. It's a cruel, exclusive world.

Turns out I forgot Auburn, a team that will certainly be bowling this season. See the revised predictions. Hog fans will not be happy.

Bowl Predictions:
BCS Title Game: USC v. Michigan
Sugar Bowl: LSU v. Texas
Rose Bowl: Penn State v. Cal
Orange Bowl: West Virginia v. Virginia Tech
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma v. Louisville

SEC Bowl Predictions:
Liberty Bowl: Alabama v. Southern Miss
Independence Bowl: South Carolina v. Kansas State
Music City Bowl: Arkansas v. Boston College
Peach Bowl: Tennessee v. Florida State
Cotton Bowl: Auburn v. Oklahoma State
Outback Bowl: Georgia v. Ohio State
Capital One Bowl: Florida v. Wisconsin

Stewart Mandel dumps on Hogs

CNNSI football analyst Stewart Mandel peers into the crystal ball this week. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much good to say about the Razorbacks. He picks the Hogs as his "flop" team noting, "Every possible bad preseason omen a team could have -- from the Mitch Mustain mess to Houston Nutt's phone records to a starter's felony drug arrest just last week -- this team has had it."

JR and Henry return

Local sports fanatics JR and Henry are back. They took a hiatus after the departure of Stan Heath - -a protest noted by many. They writing over at Arkansas Sports 360 which is run by Hog man Jim Harris. Check out the first column of the season.

One Hit Wonders

Most national media are picking the Hogs to come back to earth after their "glorious" 10-4 year last year. That's what makes this year important for Razorback Nation. An 8-4 year with McFadden will prove the doubters right, and with the schedule toughening in 2008, and McFadden gone, if Houston's going to do it in the foreseeable future it better be now.

Logan Has Last Laugh?

When answering a Razorpod mailbag question last night, Tom Logan predicted that we could see a version of the WildHog (aka, Wildcat) anywhere from 30 to 40 percent in some games this year. Other Razorpodders scoffed. But in the Razorback report today, it appears Darren was spending time after practice to work on his pitching skills for the option with former option guru and rumored newly converted passing game savant David Lee. Could Logan have been right?

Razorpod 8/29/07 Link

It's finally game week, and I'm ready for some football.

Click on the link below to listen to the latest edition of Razorpod. Or, go directly through iTunes and subscribe. Either way, hear the crew's picks for the Troy game, as well as some of the better non-conference games during this first weekend of college football.

As always, the sleeper game picks truly suck.

Boris, Where is Moose and Squirrel?

You can't walk into a game thinking you're going to lose. For that, I applaud Troy. They believe they can win. But claiming that some 6'2", 210 pound sophomore is going to own Darren McFadden? Boris Lee? Never heard of him. The smack talk from the Troy message boards is linked here.

I also have to give some props to the Hogvillians when props are due. The best retort was "If there was one guy who could single-handedly stop Darren, he wouldn't be playing for Troy."

Razorpod Game Predictions - Week 1

Oklahoma State @ Georgia


Wake Forest @ Boston College

PW - WF, JF - BC, TL - WF, JG - BC

Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame

PW - GT, JF - GT, TL - ND, JG - ND

Tennessee @ Cal

PW - Tenn., JF - Cal, TL - Cal, JG - Tenn.

Troy @ Arkansas

PW - UA, JF - UA, TL - UA, JG - UA

Sleeper Game

PW - Mississippi State, JF - Syracuse, TL - Toledo, JG - Illinois

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beano Cook, The Four Horsemen, and the Legend of Ron Powlus

Everyone's favorite ND fan began his weekly college football chats on The chat is archived on ESPN Insider so no link. Beano says the Irish will win nine games, and surprise, he picks Notre Dame to beat Georgia Tech 28-14 on Saturday. Beano also has LSU defeating Penn State in the BCS Championship Game. No word on how many Heismans young Jimmy Clausen will win, so stay tuned.

All I Need Are Some Tasty Waves, a Cool Buzz, and I'm Fine.

The beginning of football season begs some of the most serious questions of all:

Where are you tailgating?

What are your beverages of choice?

What are you cooking?

Those, plus any other tailgating, drinking, and football weekend party questions you dare ask or answer. Share your game weekend preparations, customs, and party information here."e=hey_bud.txt&file=hey_bud.wav

Open the Pod Bay Doors, Please, HAL."e=open.txt&file=open.wav

You can't argue against science. Here is an interesting article that set up the new EA Sports College Football 2008 and simulated an entire season. Interesting stuff, and hopeful news for the Hogs. Hogs wind up as Fiesta Bowl winners over Boise State and wind up 4th in the rankings. McFadden wins the Heisman and Doak Walker and is named to the first team All-American team. Luigs wins the Rimington. Jose Valdez is a seond team All-American.

Hope it's accurate."e=cantdo.txt&file=cantdo.wav

The Annual Our Passing Game is Going to be Better Article

If you don't want to read this one, just go pull one from one of the last seven or eight years. Same stuff, different names.

McFadden Tops's Heisman Watch

Darren is the man for now, although the article notes that there is no heavy favorite. Most likely because the best player in the country plays for Arkansas.

Monk has 2nd Surgery

Marcus Monk, who was already questionable for the Alabama game, had a second surgery and is now doubtful to return for the Hogs' trip to Tuscaloosa. Obviously, no Monk is a huge blow to the team's chances at Alabama.

In other news, London Crawford apparently has been improving, and is also the starting gunner on the punt team. I have no idea why.

Monk Questionable for Bama

The Arkansas passing game took another hit yesterday when Marcus Monk had a second scope on his injured knee. Apparently he felt another "pop" and then had trouble bending his knee. The first word from the scope is he had two pieces of cartilage removed from the injured area, but the areas that had previously been worked on showed good healing.

Monk is definitely out for Troy and has been listed as "questionable" for Bama. I'll go out on a limb and say he'll be back for Auburn, but will probably struggle with this all year. That would be about par for our injury situation thus far.

Studio Jimmy G TV Lineup for September 1

With the 2007 college football season finally starting in earnest this Saturday, it's time to unveil the TV schedule for week one. Razorpod's Johnny Fayetteville will be in the press box at RRS Saturday evening and will provide a firsthand account of the Hogs game against Troy during next week's Razorpod. This rest of the Razorpod crew will convene at the Studio to watch a full day of college football and listen to Chuck Barrett's first broadcast as Razorback play-by-play man. Elisha Cuthbert is the official babe of Studio Jimmy G. Since she recently broke up with her hockey playing boyfriend, she may be able to make a visit later in the season. On with the schedule:

Early Games

TV No. 1 - Western Kentucky vs. Florida

TV No. 2 - East Carolina vs. Virginia Tech

TV No. 3 - Colorado State vs. Colorado

Other games: UAB vs. Michigan State, Marshall vs. Miami, Fla., Virginia vs. Wyoming

Afternoon Games

TV No. 1 - Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame

TV No. 2 - Wake Forest vs. Boston College

TV No. 3 - Missouri vs. Illinois

Other games: Nevada vs. Nebraska, Washington State vs. Wisconsin, UCLA vs. Stanford, Iowa vs. Northern Illinois, Western Michigan vs. West Virginia, Houston vs. Oregon

Late Afternoon and Primetime Games

TV No. 1 - Tennessee vs. California

TV No. 2 - Oklahoma State vs. Georgia

TV No. 3 - Kansas State vs. Auburn

Other games: Arizona vs. BYU, Baylor vs. TCU, North Texas vs. Oklahoma, Western Carolina vs. Alabama, Lafayette vs. South Carolina, Idaho vs. USC

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Basketball Schedule Finalized

Here it is. We score the big Puerto Rico Tournament. Maybe back to back match ups with Marist?

Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings

Arkansas in at 18.

Dennis Dodd Picking Troy

Dennis Dodd is taking the Trojans in an upset. Memo to Dennis, this isn't USC.

Be Careful, Hog Fans

The University of Arkansas has added 60 cameras to keep watch over Hog fans at games this year at Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

"Cameras can find someone throwing objects onto the field and can zoom in on a fan running onto the playing surface. The fan could be assessed a fine later, he said."

Luckily, the money for the system comes from the United States Government, part of a $350,000 anti-terrorism grant. Sure wouldn't have to waste the Razorback Foundation's money for that.

It's Only Tuesday

This week is going slow.

Left Alone With Big Fat Fatty, She Was Such a Naughty Natty!

Programming Note: The 2003 Arkansas-Kentucky game, of 7 overtime fame, will be replayed tonight at 11:00 PM on ESPN Classic. Set your DVR if you can't stay up that late. Not sure I can watch that one again. It wore me out the first time.

I'm Afraid We'll Miss Him This Year

Jamaal Anderson played well last night in an NFL preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 2 sacks, 5 unassisted tackles. It seemed like he was all over the field. Yes, it was preseason, but it was against the first team Bengals and the sacks were against Carson Palmer. Would have been nice to see him terrorizing SEC backfields for one more year, but with that kind of performance and the kind of scratch he signed for, you can't blame him. He made the right decision.

Lots of former Hogs on the field last night. Bobbie Williams started for the Bengals at right guard. Caleb Miller also started for Cincy at middle linebacker. In addition to Jamaal, I saw Chris Houston on a few plays and on special teams for the Falcons.

Hogs Picking Cotton

At least according to, which released its bowl projections. The Cotton Bowl is a popular pick for Arkansas these days.

Also has LSU playing for the national title and Florida in the BCS as well.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Sure Kevin Trainor is All Over It

As we get close to the new season, apparently the U of A realizes they might need to start a Heisman Trophy campaign before Halloween. Therefore, they have launched There are plenty of videos and quotes and stuff for fellow D-Mac fans.

It just launched today, and there have been some glitches, but you can link to it from Hogwired. Here is the link:

While we're linking, here is the run against Georgia that, to me, launched Darren's stellar career. It's sick. I couldn't find the one with Larry Munson's voice over. If I do, I'll edit this post.

The Bottom 10 ranks the Bottom 10 teams in Division I-A football each week, and the first edition of the 2007 season has been released. No, you won't find Arkansas State on the list, but the season is young. The Indians will be ranked soon enough.

Johnny Fayetteville will be pleased to know

That the only team to rank higher than Arkansas on Kirk Herbstreit's "Moving Down" list is Notre Dame. In giving out his annual Herbie awards, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit ranked these programs as on their way down.

1. Notre Dame
2. Arkansas
3. Wake Forest
4. Oregon
5. Pitt

Herbstreit also picked Alabama as his sleeper pick in the SEC West. Houston Nutt doesn't register as one of Herbstreit's 7 best game day coaches. Shockingly, David Lee doesn't make it as one of his 7 best playcallers.

Herbstreit really must hate Arkansas because he didn't even rank the ladies of Fayetteville in his Top 10 prettiest co-eds. 8 of his 10 come from the SEC. Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Mississippi State are all left out.

Rob Keys predicts 8-5 season

Writing for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette Northwest Arkansas edition, Rob Keys predicts that the Razorbacks will finish the season 8-5. Keys believes the Hogs will drop games to Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, LSU and Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl.

I had this discussion with some of the Razorpod crew, but what are your thoughts. My belief is that 8-4 would be a huge disappointment for this team. With all of the talent on offense - not to mention the nation's best running back corps (I'm including Peyton Hillis and Michael Smith in that characterization) - I don't see how the Razorbacks can claim an 8-4 regular season as a successful one.

After all, the Hogs play 4 cupcake (and I mean awful, worthless, JV cupcakes) in non-conference. Add in the two Mississippi schools and there's 6 wins out of the gate (and wins that Arkansas could probably get with a lot of second and third team players on the field). South Carolina and Kentucky come to Fayetteville, and both should be wins if you're comparing talent and intangibles (i.e. home field advantage).

But to finish 8-4 would mean that the Hogs dropped its remaining 4 games. That would put the Hogs at 4-4 in conference play, and likely in 4th place in the SEC West. To me, that's unacceptable - although I know that those who love mediocrity will absolutely disagree.

Nick Saban? Ehhhh . . . Not So Much.

Blasphemous article stating that Nick Saban is not God. I think much like Spurrier has found at South Carolina, it's players that win games, and it is not as easy to get those players the further you are from fertile hotbeds like Florida and Louisiana, the former stomping groupds of The Ole Ball Coach and Saban, respectively. Not to say Bama won't get good players, but this author believes that national, or even league, championships don't come as easily as "just add Saban, shake well, and serve."

Kenny Irons Redux?

Look, I'm not saying that other SEC running backs should bow at the ankles at the Darren McFadden altar. But talking smack? I don't get it.
I think we all remember how that worked for Kenny Irons last year before the Hogs went down the the Plains and handed the Tigers their ass on a platter. Irons was really never heard from again on a national scene after that game, as he was maybe the third best tailback on the field that day after Darren and Felix Jones.
Apparently Cory Boyd from South Carolina is the latest non-believer SEC tailback. His comments seemingly take the position that Darren is a system tailback: "If we had the same offense that Arkansas has, we'd be putting up the same type of results that they have, and if they had the type of offense we have, they'd have the same type of results, too."
I have seen Boyd play for the Gamecocks since it seems like the early 80's. He has to have a spot on the All-Clarence Caesar "You've Been There Forever" Team. I wouldn't trade Michael Smith for him.
More on the jump from the Arkansas Traveler.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Marcus Harrison Arrested

Harrsion was pulled over going 38 in a 25 zone. Found with a half smoked marijuana cigar and an ecstasy pill, per police reports. He's out for Troy, and maybe more, but I doubt it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Real Born (Big) Red

College Football Schedule for the Illiterate

If you can't read, but still won't to know who's playing who each week, keep this link handy. Just match the football helmets each week to find out the matchups.

Note: Even if you can read, it's pretty cool.

I Think We Should Roll Out the Apex Gear this Year!

Just because I like to point and laugh at these jerseys. Whose idea was this circa 1994 to put scary diagonal Hogs on the shoulders? Who made those things? Zubaz?
I mean, these things look cartoonish, let alone the fact that the Hogs are as big as J.J. Meadors' head. I hope whoever chose those immediately lost his job.
Danny Ford: "That sure is an ugly uniform over there on . . . on . . . that number one over there . . ."
Paul Eels: "You mean J.J. Meadors? Your leading receiver and the all time career leader in catches at the U of A?"
Danny Ford: "Who?"

Nice Problem to Have

Must be nice to be Southern California. You've got so much talent, that your castaways are courted by the defending national champions. As demonstrated by Emmanuel Moody, who left USC (which had 10 players competing for the starting job) and was touring the campus of the University of Florida on Thursday.

More Trouble for South Carolina

I hate to say it, but there's more bad news for the Gamecocks. Starting Safety Emmanuel Cook was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a pistol last night, leading to his suspension from the University. It's hard to tell exactly what Cook did wrong from this article, since the gun was in the possession of another individual at the time. Hanging with the wrong crowd, at a minimum.

For Born Red

Here's a nice feature on new Nebraska QB Sam Keller. Also for Jimmy G, since it shows what a goofus Dirk Koetter is. Koetter of course was fired last year after guiding ASU to a 7-6 finish.

You know it's football season when . . .

Houston starts talking about the defense flying around, like he did yesterday.

“I thought the defense really flew around today and played fast,” Nutt said.

He can paint a picture.

Razorpod 8/22/07 Link

Here is a link the most recent Razorpod episode. The crew discusses practice news and notes, as well as comments on some All-SEC caliber players.

Fiutak Predicts a Close Hog Victory Over Troy

Pete Fiutak of predicts a Hog victory over Troy, but much closer than Hog fans might like.

What is Nate Allen talking about?

Nate's articles are becoming odder and odder. I have no idea what he's talking about in the first paragraph of his Razorback Report.

Bob Holt: One out of three ain't bad.

Bob Holt's run down on the basketball team, including correctly identifying Stefan Welsh the first time, and then calling him "Walsh" thereafter.

Just Make Sure You Wear Your Jorts and High Tops Too

Note to Hogville posters, the above picture IS NOT YOU!

I get a kick out of the dorky man love that Hogville posters have for Mitch Mustain and all things Springdale and Malzahnian. But a poll as to whether or not you are going to wear your Mitch Mustain jersey to games this year to show solidarity with the Springdale connection and discontent with Houston Nutt?

Please get a life.

Oh, by the way, at last check, 57% of respondents stated that they plan on wearing their #16 Mitch Mustain jersey to all games this year.

Stop playing Dungeons and Dragons and move out of your folks' basement.

John Pelphrey Basketball Update

Hogwired is good for something. They have a pretty fair rundown of John Pelphrey's interview following the basketball team's first two practices. Pelphrey is concerned about ballhandling - particularly since Gary Ervin and Stefan Welsh are unavailable. Weems at the point? Scary.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

General Neyland's Maxims

In honor of our very own Stat Boy, the following are Tennessee Legend General Robert Neyland's Seven Maxims of Football.

1. The team that makes the fewest mistakes will win.

2. Play for and make the breaks and when one comes your way - SCORE. 3. If at first the game - or the breaks - go against you, don't let up... put on more steam.

4. Protect our kickers, our QB, our lead and our ball game.

5. Ball, oskie, cover, block, cut and slice, pursue and gang tackle... for this is the WINNING EDGE.

6. Press the kicking game. Here is where the breaks are made.

7. Carry the fight to our opponent and keep it there for 60 minutes.

Read a short bio on General Neyland here:

SEC Network?

Will the SEC follow the Big Ten's lead? It's looking more likely.

Dennis Dodd's SEC Preview is Up - Hogs 3d in West

Dennis Dodd has his SEC preview up at:

The Hog's come in at third in the West, behind "the immortal Casey Dick."

Note that the feature story is on South Carolina - maybe Logan isn't so crazy after all. 15 of 16 top returning tacklers back on defense, and a senior, if slightly trouble, quarterback. Sounds like a recipe for success.

Logan Hero Mitchell to Miss Opener; Bama's Castille Probably Wont

Blake Mitchell won't play in South Carolina's opening game against Louisiana Lafayette - missed too many classes. It's unlikely Alabama's Simeon Castille will suffer the same fate following his arrest on disorderly conduct, judging from Nick Saban's comments.

McFadden makes Walter Camp Award List

As expected, McFadden's one of the finalists for the Walter Camp Award, given to the best collegiate football player every year.

Back in '82, I Used to Be Able to Throw a Pigskin a Quarter Mile

Internet posting hit a new low recently when the doofuses over on started discussing precisely how far they could each throw a regulation football. Uncle Rico has not chimed in as of yet, but I am monitoring the site to hear his input.

Up next on Hogville:

--Can My Dad Beat Up Your Dad?

--Is Mitch Mustain the Coolest Guy Ever?


--Who would win a fight between Qui Gon Jinn and Boba Fett?

"How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?"

Houston is no Poppie

Commenting on the importance of washing your hands in today's Razorback report.

“There are a lot of germs, a lot of germs,” Nutt said. “You’ve got 15, 000 new students, you know.”

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You're My Boy, Blue!

"Dammit, Blue was old. That's what old people do. They die"

The quote from Frank the Tank in the movie "Old School" may be accurate, but here's a pretty good story about a 59 year old guy playing out his football eligibility at a small college in Texas. He's about to go on social security, but apparently he's ready to crack some skulls.

"You're my boy, Blue!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Night One Viewing Guide Courtesy of EDSBS

The hilarious site EDSBS offers up a viewing guide for Thursday, August 30th - otherwise known as Opening Night for college football 2007. Plenty of jokes at MSU's expense as they face LSU. Henig Watch 2007 - how many plays does he last before getting maimed?

OU names starting QB

Yes, this is the Razorpod blog, but as our good friend and blogmaster, Buford, pointed out last week, I am partial to the Oklahoma Sooners as well as the Hogs. The Sooners have named redshirt freshman, Sam Bradford, their starting quarterback for the 2007 season ahead of junior, Joey Halzle, and true freshman, Keith Nichol. Photo is courtesy of the Tulsa World.

Jim Harris on Tejada

Would a kicker have changed the Wisconsin game's outcome? It couldn't have hurt. I'm still not sold on Tejada, and won't be until he delivers in a game, but his performance in Saturday's scrimmage was impressive. SEC Preview previews the SEC and predicts the division races. Arkansas comes in 2nd in the SEC West, and Darren McFadden is's preseason SEC offensive player of the year.

AD Search

Since we're looking for one, this article about Georgia's Athletic Director is an interesting read. Thanks to Born Red sending the link.

Casey Dick Part Deux?

Remember last year it was Casey Dick's back. "We thought it was ok, but now he needs to go see a real doctor." Same song this year with Ben Cleveland, as he's off to see a specialist in Houston on Friday. Sure would be nice if we'd start treating the problem and not the symptoms. The witch doctor strikes again.

Monday, August 20, 2007

SI's 20 Best Running Backs

Hogs 4th Most Underrated Team of Last Decade

Per Mark Schlabach, at ESPN. The formula is simple, compare where a team is ranked preseason to where it finishes. The Hogs have a bit of an advantage here, as I recall them being ranked in preseason only twice in the last 10 years, this year included. I think they've finished in the Top 25 three times in that time span.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Great Read on Saban

Ivan Maisel put together a very interesting read on Nick Saban, his decision to come to Alabama, and his coaching philosophy. Including a description of Saban's hard driving style, which has created unquestionable success at the college level. I thought this section from the article was particularly conversation worthy.

"Senior defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry felt pretty good about a stop he made in practice one day. That is, for the time it took Saban to climb all over him.

Gilberry learned by wasting a step that he turned a one-yard loss into a three-yard gain. He also learned to listen to the message, not the manner in which Saban delivered it.

"Let me try to be as blunt and common as possible," said Gilberry, who will graduate in December after 3½ years with a degree in communications. "Coach Saban's delivery, you can compare it to a missile, coming at you at 800 knots. Is that clear enough for you? There's no ducking. I can assure you. If you were in a hole, you'd still feel it. The best thing to do is stand there with your arms open and take it head on. There's no running from it."
That's exactly the response that Saban wants. With the game on the line in the fourth quarter, he wants his players focused on the moment, not on the emotions surrounding it.

That's exactly the response that Saban wants. With the game on the line in the fourth quarter, he wants his players focused on the moment, not on the emotions surrounding it."

STUNNING NEWS - Friday's practice was great

After Nutt made them run last night, this morning's practice was "much better."

Clay Henry - Makes Rick Seem Negative?

Clay has his latest "State of the Hogs" column up about the defense. Some may be worried about losing two players who will be starting in the NFL next year, and team leaders like Sammy O and Little Kieth, but not Clay. The quote sums up the column:

"The only concern lies at cornerback where Chris Houston departed a year early. If Houston was back right now, look out. This defense would probably be one of the nation’s best. As it is, I’m not worried at all."

Another lackluster practice; Nagging injuries persist

The team got "gassers" for lack of effort yesterday. This happens at least once a fall, leading to "the best practice of the fall" sure to happen today. Other notes: Cleveland is going to see a specialist now that he's been out for more than a week (why doesn't this happen sooner: see Casey Dick's back). Hillis and Garner are still out. Jeremy the Punter is still out with a sore foot. No one has moved Reggie Fish out of his first team spot. And Casey Dick surrenders more first team snaps to the two Nathans backing him up.

Better than "Who's Now," but not much.

ESPN's latest fake competition is pitting the college football conference against each other. Here's the bracket - the finals pitting the PAC-10 v. the SEC.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

SI Ranks College Football's Top Ten Rushing Tandems has the Hogs duo of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones ranked No. 1 in terms of college football rushing tandems with James Davis and C.J. Spiller of Clemson 1A. Let me know if this photo of Clemson's dynamic duo works better for the ladies.

Pac-10 v. SEC?

Pat Forde gives the nod to the SEC in the battle what may be the best two league's in the land this year. Only the ACC is in the discussion. Sorry Big 12.

Say It Ain't So, Michael Wilbon

Is Razorpod's own, Jimmy G (yes, I'm referring to myself in the 3rd person), making national waves as a talk radio villain? Check on the headline from Michael Wilbon's latest column in the Washington Post.

In Sports, 'G' Is The Scarlet Letter
By Michael WilbonThursday, August 16, 2007; Page E01

RAZORPOD - Week 3 Podcast

Here's a link to Week 3 of Razorpod. The boys talk Hogs practice, among other things. Have a listen.'s Cavalcade of Whimsy

Pete Fiutak of started his Cavalcade of Whimsy columns with a two part preseason edition. Part one deals with off-field issues, while part two takes a closer look at the season ahead. Fiutak is always a must read, and he brings great insight to all the issues surrounding college football. However, he derives great pleasure in telling everyone how to act, and it appears that he gets caught up in trying to refute fans' e-mails. Also, take a look at part two of his column and see if you think he pretty much ignores the SEC.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2007 Razorpod Top 10 Preseason Poll sponsored by bikini wear

Combining the four panelists preseason polls, the Razorpod crew unveils its first Top 10 ranking. Points awarded just like actual Top 25 polls used by the coaches and media (No. 1 vote equals 10 points and No. 10 vote equals 1 point). The Razorpod crew hopes to someday have the Razorpod Top 10 as part of the BCS equation. First place votes in parentheses.

Razorpod Top 10

1. USC Trojans (3) 39 points

2. LSU Tigers (1) 36 points

3. Michigan Wolverines 27 points

4. Texas Longhorns 26 points

5. Virginia Tech Hokies 18 points

6. Oklahoma Sooners 17 points

7. Louisville Cardinals 14 points

8. Wisconsin Badgers 11 points

9. West Virginia Moutaineers 10 points

10. Georgia Bulldogs 8 points

Others Receiving Votes: Tennessee 6, California 4, Florida 4

RAZORPOD crew announces preseason Top 10

This will be one of the topics tonight, so in advance of Razorpod, the crew released their preseason national Top 10's.

Tom Logan
1. USC
2. LSU
3. Michigan
4. Texas
5. Virginia Tech
6. Oklahoma
7. Florida
8. West Virginia
9. Wisconsin
10. Louisville

Johnny Fayetteville
1. USC
2. Michigan
3. LSU
4. Virginia Tech
5. Wisconsin
6. Texas
7. Georgia
8. Louisville
9. Tennessee
10. Cal

Patrick Williams
1. LSU
2. USC
3. Texas
4. West Virginia
5. Louisville
6. Oklahoma
7. Georgia
8. Tennessee
9. Michigan
10. Wisconsin

Jimmy G
1. USC
2. LSU
3. Michigan
4. Oklahoma
5. Texas
6. Virginia Tech
7. Louisville
8. California
9. Wisconsin
10. Tennessee

Tejada v. Davis - Closest Battle of the Fall Camp?

Savior Alex Tejada is still struggling to rest the starting kicker position from the proven inconsistent returning starter.


Tonight the boys from Razorpod will gather for Week 3 where they will discuss Razorback practice news and notes. They will also unveil their national Top 10's and their sleeper national picks. The podcast will be posted here tomorrow.

Predicting BCS mayhem

If you review Sports Illustrated's Top 20, you come to the awkward yet natural conclusion that the BCS could be a total mess this season.

USC, arguably, has the easiest road to the BCS. If they get past Cal on November 10th, the Trojans will finish the season undefeated and a lock for the BCS title game. They're the most balanced team on both sides of the ball, and may be the best Trojan team of the Pete Carroll era (if you believe Jim Harbaugh that is).

But imagine these scenarios:

West Virginia (4) and Louisville (5) and Rutgers (12). This thing could play out like last season and they could all beat each other thereby leaving each of them out of the BCS title mix. But what happens if one runs the table? West Virginia seems the most likely of the three to do it by virtue of getting Louisville at home on November 8th.

Texas (8) and Oklahoma (9). Neither one of these teams will lose before they play on October 6th and neither one will lose after, meaning that the winner will finish the season undefeated, barring a defeat to Nebraska in the Big XII title game (which won't happen).

Michigan (6). Penn State, at Wisconsin and Ohio State stand between Lloyd Carr getting the axe and an undefeated season. I like the Wolverines to run the table, although Chad Henne is 0-3 against the Buckeyes.

Virginia Tech (7). I don't know squat about the Hokies except that I hate them. I always have, which is why writing this is so painful. If the Hokies beat LSU on September 8th in Baton Rouge, they could certainly run the table. They get Boston College, Miami and Florida State at home, and have to go to Clemson and Georgia Tech.

LSU (2). The Tigers have the toughest road to the BCS title game of anyone ranked in the Top 5. They have to play Virginia Tech, Florida, Auburn and Arkansas at home and they go on the road to Alabama (with Nick Saban on the other side) and Kentucky (with a really good offense). LSU's defense is outstanding, so we'll see. Les Miles is their coach, and while this team can run on auto-pilot, if he has to coach in a close game, LSU is in trouble.

I believe that if USC and LSU run the table, they'll both get in by virtue of their strength of schedule. That said, I think you can make a sensible argument that USC, West Virginia, Texas, Michigan and LSU could all be undefeated at year's end.

I know, I know, it's never happened. But there's a first time for everything, isn't there?

We won't really know what this will look like until the first BCS rankings are released. But remember, no team ranked outside the BCS Top 12 when the first poll is released has ever made it to the BCS title game. Theoretically, everyone ranked inside the SI Top 15 has the potential to make it . . . and that includes Boise State.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Top 25 Conference Games

No mention of the Razorbacks, but the following SEC games are highlighted:

Tennessee at Florida (Sept. 25)
Florida at LSU (Oct. 6)
Florida v. Georgia (Oct. 27)
South Carolina at Tennessee (Oct. 27)
LSU at Alabama (Nov. 3)
Alabama at Auburn (Nov. 24)

That's two lists that ESPN has produced that do not feature any key Hog games. I'm beginning to think that outside of McFadden, the Hogs will get very little early season respect from the pundits.

Here's Tusk!

No surprise: McFadden named to ESPN Preseason All America Team

Arkansas running back and Heisman hopeful Darren McFadden was named to ESPN's preseason all-american team today. Selected by Ivan Maisel, McFadden joins Kentucky QB Andre Woodson and West Virginia FB Owen Schmitt in the backfield.

QB - Andre Woodson, Kentucky
RB - Darren McFadden, Arkansas
FB - Owen Scmitt, West Virginia
WR - DeSean Jackson, Cal
WR - Adarius Bowman, Oklahoma State
TE - Martellus Bennett, Texas A&M
OT - Sam Baker, Southern Cal
G - Will Arnold, LSU
C - Steve Justice, Wake Forest
G - Andrew Crummey, Maryland
OT - Jake Long, Michigan

DE - Lawrence Jackson, Southern Cal
DT - Glenn Dorsey, LSU
DT - Sedrick Ellis, Southern Cal
DE - Tommy Blake, TCU
LB - Keith Rivers, Southern Cal
LB - James Laurenaitis, Ohio State
LB - Ali Highsmith, LSU
CB - Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State
CB - DeJuan Tribble, Boston College
S - Kenny Phillips, Miami
S - Tom Zbikowski, Notre Dame

Special Teams
PK - Sam Swank, Wake Forest
P - Durant Brooks, Georgia Tech
KR - Marcus Thigpen, Indiana

More SEC mascots

The SEC East and their canines have been featured with Uga and Smokey making appearances on the blog. In the interest of fairness here is Mike, the Bengal Tiger that patrols the sideline for LSU, and Auburn's War Eagle - SEC West schools. Where's Tusk? Keep tuning in to the blog to see if he makes an appearance.

Everybody loves the Hogs, but what about Jimmy G's Sooners

It's the worst kept secret in Razorpod-land that Jimmy G spent a few years in Norman on the campus of OU. No one is quite sure what all he did there besides cheer on Howard Schnellenberger and long for the return of Brian Bosworth. In that spirit, Dennis Dodd of CBS has his OU season preview. He raises questions about the QB position, and observes the aftermath of Rhett Bomar.

My prediction is that the Sooners, thanks to one of the easiest schedules in the country, finish 10-2 and find themselves in the Cotton Bowl. They won't beat Texas, but they should handle Texas A&M, Texas Tech and OK State, their three toughest conference opponents. If the Sooners get past Miami on September 8, they could roll up an 11-1 record. The Big XII is pitiful this season.

More Kicking Woes

Jeremy Davis sat out of practice with a nerve problem in his foot and Alex Tejada was 0-3 yesterday. You'll find other news and notes in the practice report.

New Basketball Hog

Pelfrey got a late committment from a 6-6 Georgian (not the state). He'll be available this year.

Monkus Mark, er, Marcus Monk out 4-6 Weeks

Logan is optimistic about Monk's return for the Alabama game. The other razorpodders disagree. Logan is usually right on injuries. Odd, though, that Witchdoctor Weber says there will be no updates for two weeks.

Reggie Fish now running with the first team? Yikes.

Mr. College Football Weighs In

Mr. College Football, Tony Barnhart, lists the five things he would do to make college football better in his latest article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

What changes would you make? I'd like to see the elimination of the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday night games. Saturday is special. Let's keep it that way. One Thursday night to get everyone excited about Saturday's slate of games is enough.

As for Uga, is he more fearsome than Smokey???

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kodi Burns Impressing at Auburn

Kodi Burns put on in Auburn's first scrimmage. And now with injuries to two back up QBs, he might be second team by the beginning of the year. Houston Nutt is left to wonder how many times he would have heard, "And that's another Arkansas Razorback, FIRST DOWN" had he convinced Burns that he was the best coach to get him to the NFL.

Offense Shines in Bama Scrimmage

Alabama's offense rolled up eight touchdowns in its first intrasquad scrimmage of the fall. John Parker Wilson was sharp, throwing for over 200 yards and two touchdowns against one pick. Good news for Bama's offense, but does this mean the Tide's defense isn't up to its usual standards?

CNN - SI rank the Top 20 games to watch this season

20. Notre Dame at Penn St. (Sept. 8)
19. Miami at Oklahoma (Sept.8)
18. Florida St. at Clemson (Sept. 3)
17. UCLA at USC (Dec. 1)
16. Tennessee at Cal (Sept. 1)
15. Boise St. at Hawaii (Nov. 23)
14. TCU at Texas (Sept. 8)
13. LSU at Alabama (Nov. 3)
12. Florida St. at Virginia Tech (Nov. 10)
11. West Virginia at Rutgers (Oct. 27)
10. Nebraska at Texas (Oct. 27)
9. Tennessee at Florida (Sept. 15)
8. USC at Nebraska (Sept. 15)
7. Michigan at Wisconsin (Nov. 10)
6. USC at Cal (Nov. 10)
5. Louisville at West Virginia (Nov. 8)
4. Virginia Tech at LSU (Sept. 8)
3. Texas v. Oklahoma (Oct. 6)
2. Ohio St. v. Michigan (Nov. 17)
1. Florida v. LSU (Oct. 6)

No mention of the Hogs against Tennessee or LSU.

Smokey gets some love - Is Houston jealous?

Beloved Smokey, the blue tick coon hound who is the mascot for SEC East favorite, Tennessee, gets some attention from some young Vols' fans. HDN looks on and asks, "why don't I get that kind of adoration? I love the helmet."

Darren McFadden featured in ESPN column

Pat Forde features Darren McFadden in his latest column on

Reggie comments on Antwain Robinson

“ Antwain Robinson’s past history is he’s always hurt, ” Arkansas defensive coordinator Reggie Herring said, “ and got some things wrong. We’ve got to move on and find some ends that can play. Right now Antwain would be a day-to-day parttime player. So we’ve got some battles at defensive end. ”

Keith Jackson says Hogs will be 9-3

Speaking to Roby Brock on his weekly television program "Talk Business," Razorback football announcer and founder of P.A.R.K Keith Jackson predicted the Razorbacks would go 9-3 this season. Jackson expressed concern about the offensive line and whether it would be able to open up the holes for McFadden and Jones (keeping the pressure off Casey Dick is perhaps more critical).

Dreamin' of the BCS and the Florida beaches

Only 19 days until the Hogs open their season against Troy in Fayetteville. With the first major scrimmage of fall drills behind them, the Hogs return to the practice field with a better idea of what needs more work (QB play, D-Line) and what looks ready for primetime (D-Mac & Felix, LB corps). While Arkansas continues preparations for the opening game, Jimmy G and Elisha Cuthbert both are thinking of the beach. Just 5 days until Destin.

Because my mother told me so

Mini Muhammed, mother of Arkansas Razorback star tailback Darren McFadden, told ESPN News that her son will be turning pro at the end of the 2007-2008 football season. "He told me [Friday], 'Mom, I'll be through in December,'" Muhammed said. "I said, 'What you mean?' He said, 'I'll be through.' That's what he told me." According to the ESPN article, "Asked if that meant her son would be entering the draft and joining the NFL, Muhammed said, "Yeah. He'll be making big money."

Sunday, August 12, 2007