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Friday, August 31, 2007

Baker's Dozen - Week 1

After much goading and prodding, the Baker's Dozen is back for year ten. I was going to retire the Baker's Dozen with SHS being a non-factor now in high school football, but unfortunately, too many people say they can't live without this weekly feature (not really sure I believe that), so here we go.

Springdale over Jefferson City
Springdale Har-Ber over Lawton MacArthur
LR Central over West Memphis
Bryant over Benton
Pulaski Academy over Forrest City
Mountain Home over Stuttgart
Nashville over Hope
Watson Chapel over Malvern
Fayetteville over Batesville
Star City over Rivercrest
Charleston over Ozark
LR McClellan over LR Hall
FS Southside over Greenwood

Top Five
1. Springdale
2. LR Central
3. Bentonville
4. Bryant
5. Warren
6. Fayetteville
7. FS Southside
8. Texarkana
See ya next week,
Jimmy G


Tom Logan said...

Where are the Panthers and Golden Hurricane?

Anonymous said...

Is that Springdale vote like Spurrier always including Duke in his Top 25 until they lose a game?

J.C. Sports said...

Not sure about the rest of your predictions, but the first one was off.