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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monkus Mark, er, Marcus Monk out 4-6 Weeks

Logan is optimistic about Monk's return for the Alabama game. The other razorpodders disagree. Logan is usually right on injuries. Odd, though, that Witchdoctor Weber says there will be no updates for two weeks.

Reggie Fish now running with the first team? Yikes.


Johnny Fayetteville said...

Something is a little odd with the "no reports for two weeks" bit. I guess Nutt feels the need to sandbag Troy.

BSR said...

There is no chance Monk is back for Alabama. Now, Nutt might play him for fear that if he doesn't we'll lose. But Monk won't be ready, and it could prove to be more harmful to him and the team down the road. The Hogs should be able to field 3 WR's who can pick up Monk's slack.