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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mr. College Football Weighs In

Mr. College Football, Tony Barnhart, lists the five things he would do to make college football better in his latest article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

What changes would you make? I'd like to see the elimination of the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday night games. Saturday is special. Let's keep it that way. One Thursday night to get everyone excited about Saturday's slate of games is enough.

As for Uga, is he more fearsome than Smokey???


Tom Logan said...

Is he kin to Mr. SEC?

BSR said...

I certainly want the Monday and Tuesday night games gone. I don't really care about the Thursday night game. The Friday game is strange, but it never involved marquee match-ups.

RazorPod said...

Definitely keep the Thursday games. I start getting twitchy about Thursday after lunch and need my fix. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday games are ok as long as they involve lots of points and no defense. One thing they need to bring back is the late night Pac-10 kick. Nothing like a 10:15pm central kickoff to bring a smile to your face.