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Monday, August 27, 2007

Kenny Irons Redux?

Look, I'm not saying that other SEC running backs should bow at the ankles at the Darren McFadden altar. But talking smack? I don't get it.
I think we all remember how that worked for Kenny Irons last year before the Hogs went down the the Plains and handed the Tigers their ass on a platter. Irons was really never heard from again on a national scene after that game, as he was maybe the third best tailback on the field that day after Darren and Felix Jones.
Apparently Cory Boyd from South Carolina is the latest non-believer SEC tailback. His comments seemingly take the position that Darren is a system tailback: "If we had the same offense that Arkansas has, we'd be putting up the same type of results that they have, and if they had the type of offense we have, they'd have the same type of results, too."
I have seen Boyd play for the Gamecocks since it seems like the early 80's. He has to have a spot on the All-Clarence Caesar "You've Been There Forever" Team. I wouldn't trade Michael Smith for him.
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SK said...

what a choadbait

"McFadden is definitely the best running back in college football." - LaDainian Tomlinson, 8/17/07 on the Dan Patrick Show.

BSR said...

Doug Flutie also said that McFadden's the Heisman frontrunner. He's looking forward to welcoming him into the fraternity.