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Thursday, August 30, 2007

BSR's bowl predictions

The Razorpod dudes won't let me on the show to talk about anything, so I've got to post here to let my voice be heard. It's a cruel, exclusive world.

Turns out I forgot Auburn, a team that will certainly be bowling this season. See the revised predictions. Hog fans will not be happy.

Bowl Predictions:
BCS Title Game: USC v. Michigan
Sugar Bowl: LSU v. Texas
Rose Bowl: Penn State v. Cal
Orange Bowl: West Virginia v. Virginia Tech
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma v. Louisville

SEC Bowl Predictions:
Liberty Bowl: Alabama v. Southern Miss
Independence Bowl: South Carolina v. Kansas State
Music City Bowl: Arkansas v. Boston College
Peach Bowl: Tennessee v. Florida State
Cotton Bowl: Auburn v. Oklahoma State
Outback Bowl: Georgia v. Ohio State
Capital One Bowl: Florida v. Wisconsin


Tom Logan said...

I'd love to see that LSU-Texas game. Tons of athletes, subpar coaching.

BSR said...

It would be an interesting game. Michigan is my team this season. It's going to be a rematch of last year's Rose Bowl. Revenge will be on the minds of Wolverine fans everywhere.

jimmyg said...

Music City Bowl against BC. That's a solid prediction for the Hogs. The best things - 1) Wally Hall would complain and whine incessantly about the "Music Pity Bowl" and not getting to go to Dallas for his beloved Cotton Bowl and 2) HDN would get raked over the coals if we dropped down to that bowl game.

BSR said...

I'm thinking that 8-4 doesn't get the Hogs to the Cotton Bowl if only one team makes the BCS. I firmly believe that Florida, Georgia and Auburn will have better records that the Razorbacks.

Wally will be furious. So should Hog nation. BC is a team that would give us fits. And there's no chance we would get up for that game.

Tom Logan said...

If we're in the Music City Bowl, regardless of opponent, we will mail it in.

But I think we'll be in the Cotton at 8-4. The SEC will get two BCS bids.

BSR said...

I could easily see Florida or LSU dropping 2 games. That would knock them out of the BCS.

Tom Logan said...

LSU lost two last year and got in. The SEC will get two in this year. Book it.

Johnny Fayetteville said...

Do it. Do it.

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BSR said...

That's donkey, Logan. USC, Michigan, Texas, OU, West Virginia and Louisville are all likely to finish with no more than 1 loss. Add in the ACC Champ, SEC Champ and teams like Cal, Wisconsin, and Penn State and there just isn't enough room for a 2-loss at-large team this season.

Remember my post a few weeks back, this year is going to wreak havoc on the BCS.