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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Studio Jimmy G TV Lineup for September 1

With the 2007 college football season finally starting in earnest this Saturday, it's time to unveil the TV schedule for week one. Razorpod's Johnny Fayetteville will be in the press box at RRS Saturday evening and will provide a firsthand account of the Hogs game against Troy during next week's Razorpod. This rest of the Razorpod crew will convene at the Studio to watch a full day of college football and listen to Chuck Barrett's first broadcast as Razorback play-by-play man. Elisha Cuthbert is the official babe of Studio Jimmy G. Since she recently broke up with her hockey playing boyfriend, she may be able to make a visit later in the season. On with the schedule:

Early Games

TV No. 1 - Western Kentucky vs. Florida

TV No. 2 - East Carolina vs. Virginia Tech

TV No. 3 - Colorado State vs. Colorado

Other games: UAB vs. Michigan State, Marshall vs. Miami, Fla., Virginia vs. Wyoming

Afternoon Games

TV No. 1 - Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame

TV No. 2 - Wake Forest vs. Boston College

TV No. 3 - Missouri vs. Illinois

Other games: Nevada vs. Nebraska, Washington State vs. Wisconsin, UCLA vs. Stanford, Iowa vs. Northern Illinois, Western Michigan vs. West Virginia, Houston vs. Oregon

Late Afternoon and Primetime Games

TV No. 1 - Tennessee vs. California

TV No. 2 - Oklahoma State vs. Georgia

TV No. 3 - Kansas State vs. Auburn

Other games: Arizona vs. BYU, Baylor vs. TCU, North Texas vs. Oklahoma, Western Carolina vs. Alabama, Lafayette vs. South Carolina, Idaho vs. USC


The Chief said...


Tom Logan said...

Solid opening day lineup. Don't forget Tiger Woods '08 for any down times.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy G-no picture of Erin Andrews? Did anybody see the scary pic of mangino on CB Live tonight?

Johnny Fayetteville said...

That dude's head is about to explode in a gravy bomb. We even mentioned it on the show.

BSR said...

I am psyched. I'll be there for Gameday.