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Monday, August 27, 2007

Johnny Fayetteville will be pleased to know

That the only team to rank higher than Arkansas on Kirk Herbstreit's "Moving Down" list is Notre Dame. In giving out his annual Herbie awards, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit ranked these programs as on their way down.

1. Notre Dame
2. Arkansas
3. Wake Forest
4. Oregon
5. Pitt

Herbstreit also picked Alabama as his sleeper pick in the SEC West. Houston Nutt doesn't register as one of Herbstreit's 7 best game day coaches. Shockingly, David Lee doesn't make it as one of his 7 best playcallers.

Herbstreit really must hate Arkansas because he didn't even rank the ladies of Fayetteville in his Top 10 prettiest co-eds. 8 of his 10 come from the SEC. Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Mississippi State are all left out.


Tom Logan said...

The Razorback band isn't listed among the best? He must not have heard their unforgettable tribute to John Phillip Souza.

Born Red can't be happy about that Missouri pick.

jimmyg said...

Herbstreit must not have noticed that the Razorback Marching Band won their version of the Heisman Trophy last year - the Sudler Award.