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Thursday, August 16, 2007's Cavalcade of Whimsy

Pete Fiutak of started his Cavalcade of Whimsy columns with a two part preseason edition. Part one deals with off-field issues, while part two takes a closer look at the season ahead. Fiutak is always a must read, and he brings great insight to all the issues surrounding college football. However, he derives great pleasure in telling everyone how to act, and it appears that he gets caught up in trying to refute fans' e-mails. Also, take a look at part two of his column and see if you think he pretty much ignores the SEC.


Anonymous said...

JimmyG -- You are seriously alienating your female demographic with all the bikini shots!

Anonymous said...

That's not the first time that Jimmy G has "alienated his female demographic."

jimmyg said...

I wasn't aware that we had a female demographic, but I will take the advice to heart.

Touche, second responder.

Anonymous said...

Just that with taking down the helmets and all you should aim to be a kindler gentler Jimmy G

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