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Monday, August 13, 2007

Dreamin' of the BCS and the Florida beaches

Only 19 days until the Hogs open their season against Troy in Fayetteville. With the first major scrimmage of fall drills behind them, the Hogs return to the practice field with a better idea of what needs more work (QB play, D-Line) and what looks ready for primetime (D-Mac & Felix, LB corps). While Arkansas continues preparations for the opening game, Jimmy G and Elisha Cuthbert both are thinking of the beach. Just 5 days until Destin.


BSR said...

Jimmy G, is Ms. Cuthbert joining you in sunny FLA? Also, what did you make of Anna Faris's appearance on "Entourage" last night?

jimmyg said...

I think Elisha is gonna take a raincheck on Florida.

I've never been a big fan of Anna Faris, but she looked really good last night. It's too bad that she has a boyfriend. E needs a new lady friend.