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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Razorpod_09_22_09: Why Willy Didn't Change Schemes; Why Mallett Is The Real Deal

This week's Razorpod show asks a fundamental question: would you rather lose a shootout or a Houston Nutt-style defense/running game? The answer: A shootout, of course, as it is much more entertaining.

The crew spends a lot of time letting Willy Robinson have it for failing to switch schemes.  Truly, would Georgia have scored any faster or easier if we had blitzed every down?  Probably not.  Mallett is praised, yet some offensive shortcomings exist.  Should the Razorbacks have run more?  The crew thinks so.  Yes, Arkansas has a history of making stars out of journeyman players:  Exhibit 1-A:

The crew's pessimism abounds: Alabama is a unanimous pick.  The usual gibberish follows-pick contest gets wacky, Jimmy G posts a perfect record last week, and Patrick Williams' stay at the top is short lived.  Jimmy G actually picks a sleeper team that is not Wazzu, and more.  Enjoy.

Razorpod 9-22-2009: Georgia Wrap; Alabama Preview

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