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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Latest from Everydayshouldbesaturday

The guys at EDSBS love Houston Nutt. I'm thinking they may be paying Broyles just to keep him around. The comments from readers are also fun. This from a self desrcibed yankee from connecticut.

"And who doesn’t love watching Arkansas play? From the wacky Wildcat game against Tennessee, to the odd game against LSU where Humanity Advanced was born and the SEC title game where NOTHING MADE ANY SENSE(!!!), they are my favorite non-rooting interest team to watch. They need an NBC contract. They need a reality show. They need constant ESPN coverage. They should have Gameday live from Fayettville on a Tuesday for fun."

I must say, a reality show starring Houston Nutt would be solid gold.


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture.

The Chief said...

im using that for my wallpaper ... thanks for the great pic.