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Friday, August 10, 2007

Houston Nutt's Coaching Record

It is customary for us (well, some of us) to take a look at Houston Nutt's coaching record in his time at Arkansas. The purpose of this exercise is to remind ourselves of a few important facts. For example, did you know that Houston Nutt is the longest tenured coach never to have taken his school to the BCS? Did you also know that Houston Nutt's winning percentage at Arkansas has never been higher than in his first season (.750) despite winning 10 games in 2006? And finally, did you know that in every single season at Arkansas, when Nutt loses his first SEC game, he loses the next one?

Here's a link to Nutt's record as a coach, including his days at Murray State and that brilliant 4-7 season at Boise State that catapulted him to Arkansas. Ye Gods.

As an added bonues, here's a link to Nutt's record by opponent. Some interesting stats jump out:

0-5 vs. Georgia
0-3 vs. Florida
3-6 vs. LSU
2-4 vs. Tennessee
2-2 vs. Kentucky

But he does whip up on those Mississippi schools. He's a combined 14-4 against the Rebels and Bulldogs.

This is sure to get Johnny Fayetteville all fired up.


Johnny Fayetteville said...

I have to paraphrase Jimmy G from a pod last year "If we have back to back 10 win seasons, play for an SEC title, and start getting good recruits, you have to say that the program is moving in the right direction."

We'll see if he sticks to his guns by the end of the year.

Tom Logan said...

This is a big year for Houston. If he gets to 10 wins in the regular season, it will be a good performance by the coaching staff, no doubt about it. An 8-4 year though will be pedestrian and quite a disappointment.