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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Houston explains the decision to change the name of the Wildcat to the Wildhog.

"We've got a lot of people who wanted to name it the WildHog, a lot of letter to Coach Broyles, David Lee, our players."

Who are these people mounting the grass roots Wildhog campaign? I'd like to read those letters.

"Dear Coach Broyles,

Why are we calling an Arkansas formation the Wildcat? We are HOGS, not cats. Change the name immediately, or I will never buy another $6 sleeveless Razorback shirt from the Mena Wal-Mart."

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jimmyg said...

This is most ridiculous "news" story of the preseason. Who cares what the formation is called? Do we have to name everything after ourselves? I don't recall Darrell Royal renaming the Wishbone the Longhorn, because Texas fans were clamoring for it - they probably weren't. However, every Hog fan from Pocahontas to Junction City is apparently insisting that we call the offense the "Wildhog" instead of "Wildcat", because wildcat isn't our nickname. Here's a suggestion: Let's call it the Single Wing, because that's what it is.