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Friday, August 03, 2007

RAZORPOD crew discusses CFN rankings

In a heated exchange this morning, the RAZORPOD crew spoke about the new CFN rankings that were released today.

"They don't think much of the league this year, said Tom Logan.

"I think those rankings are bunk, and I don't just mean the Hogs. UT,
Auburn, Georgia, bama, and the Hogs all outside the top 25? Gimme a
break. I'm sure they've got powerhouses like Louisville and Rutgers
ranked pretty high," observed Johnny Fayetteville.

I think Johnny Fayetteville needs to do his own Top 25
poll and release it on Razorpod next week, since he doesn't think any of the
"experts" know what they're talking about," challenged Jimmy G.

"You agree that the SEC should have only 3 teams in the top 25? I said that
I disagreed, and not just about the Hogs. Jimmy G's "expert" opinion had us going 5-7 last year. I predicted 10-2. Draw your own conclusions about who is the expert re: the Hogs," responded Fayetteville.

The RAZORPOD crew will announce their preseason Top 10 next week, and they'll take a look at the ultra competitive SEC East.

The Razorbacks report to practice tomorrow, so it's officially football season.

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Johnny Fayetteville said...

We shall see who correctly predicts the Hog's season. One word about last year from Johnny Fayetteville to the rest of the Razorpod crew: