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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What, no Danny Nutt in the coaching booth?

It seems that Houston Nutt and the U of A athletic department can't read a rule book. The SEC issued a determination yesterday that Danny Nutt, brother of head coach Houston Nutt, can't sit in the coaching booth wearing a headset and, you know, coach? Why? Nutt resigned his position as running backs coach citing health reasons. Since that time, he's been spotted dressing and now acting like a coach, despite not being a formal member of the staff (there are reports that he's still being compensated from the U of A).

If anything, this makes the U of A, an already foolish-looking football program, appear even more foolish. What possible reason is there for Danny Nutt to be involved in the coaching operations of the football team, especially when Tim Horton was hired to replace him?

Of course, this is Arkansas where they have a have a "Director of High School recruiting," and a "Director of On-Campus recruiting." They probably even have a "Director of Travel Entertainment" or whatever it was that Michigan had during the Fab 5 days (his job was to set up nintendo's in each of the hotel rooms where the players stayed). Ye Gods.


Tom Logan said...

In what world would anyone associated with any athletic department think it's ok for a former coach to go into the coaches box during the game and wear a headset?

BSR said...

Apparently Danny's been spotted on the sidelines against Alabama, in the locker room at halftime and at coaches meetings. I wonder how Tim Horton feels about that.