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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jim Harris says UA behind cancellation of "Sports Week"

Jim Harris of Arkansas Sports writes that the UA's pressure on KATV President Dale Nicholson led to the cancellation of Sports Week, a popular weekly sports show featuring David Bazzel and Bruce James.

That KATV general manager Dale Nicholson hasn't returned our phone calls tells us what we already knew: KATV has let Nutt and the university dictate its sports programming and has dropped the show. There is no other reason why a television station would cancel so popular a show in the Sunday night ratings. While the show wasn't seen in Fayetteville all these years, there were enough comments by James and Bazzel in Little Rock that made their way to the university, enough to displease the powers-that-be. And, we're told, Nicholson for several years could always count on a call from the coach's father, the late Houston Nutt Sr., anytime his son's coaching was taken to task on "SportsWeek."

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The Geaux Show said...

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to start the RazorPod Video Hour