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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Razorpod Game Predictions - Week 4

Texas A&M @ Miami: PW - TAMU, JF - TAMU, TL - Miami, JG - Miami
Penn St. @ Michigan: PW - PSU, JF - PSU, TL - Mich, JG - Mich
Georgia @ Alabama: PW - Bama, JF - Bama, TL - UGa, JG - UGa
S. Carolina @ LSU: PW - LSU, JF - LSU, TL - LSU, JG - LSU
Kentucky @ Arkansas: PW - Ky, JF - UA, TL - Ky, JG - UA
Sleeper Game: PW - Indiana, JF - NMSU, TL - Iowa, JG - Minnesota


Arkytam said...

Did you read the article on sports page 2 of the demozette? it bothers me that something like that from an Alabama writer can even make it in our paper. It seems like that kind of thing just stirs up negativity and is bad for the program...that being said...I can't say I disagreed with anything the article said...I just wish it hadn't said it.

Anonymous said...

What else would one expect from an Alabama sportswriter? Magnanimity in victory?

Tom Logan said...

The fact that article made it to the Democrat-Gazette is more proof the rift between Houston and Wally.

Born Red said...

Born Red was 4-2 last week. He picks:

aTm 27--UM 14
PSU 33--UM 24
UGA 17--ALA 14
LSU 38--USC 7
KY 54--UA 49
Sleeper--Ohio 24, Wyoming 17