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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Get ready for Razorpod

The boys of Razorpod convene tonight to talk about this week's games. The Hogs are off - - learning how to pass in anticipation of their trip to Tuscaloosa next week. Here's the line-up of games the guys will be discussing. Tom Logan's out of town (he's on the beaches of Hawaii with Jessica Alba, a huge fan of Razorpod).

Miami at OU
South Carolina at UGa
TCU at Texas
Alabama at Vanderbilt
Va. Tech at LSU
Sleeper Game

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The Chief said...


David Lee on Arkansas Razorback Casey Dick.

“ I’ll take Casey’s 150 yards with no interceptions every week, ” Lee said. “ I’ll take that every week. I’d be thrilled to death. I want the guy who can drive the bus, keep us in the road, not turn it over, manage the clock, not let the 25-second clock run down and keep the tempo of the offense going. ”