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Friday, September 28, 2007

U of A Student Newspaper Calls for Nutt's Head

A sportswriter for the Arkansas Traveler, the on-campus student newspaper, has called for Nutt's firing. It's not anything new, and in fact, is reminiscent of Wally's article right before Ford was canned in 1997. However, nothing will cure the situation other than a bunch of wins. Quickly.
There are some wistful memories lamented by the writer about the bygone Springdale days. Heaven that they were . . .
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Tom Logan said...

I've always thought Houston would leave after this year, because the next two years are going to be very tough. We'll be lucky to win more than six next year, regardless of who the coach is. Houston can't survive a disappointing year this year (8-4 or so) and a bad one next year. He needs an SEC title this year to give him some capital for next.

Johnny Fayetteville said...

I'll reserve judgment until November. If we get through South Carolina at 7-2, which is certainly possible, indeed probable, per Vegas oddsmakers, the picture will be a little clearer. I think everyone, regardless of which side of the Nutt fence they fall on, saw the possibility of a big streak in the middle of the year. The Bama and Kentucky games were huge, because they seemed to be the delineating point between a good year and a potential repeat Western division championship year. Well, those are behind us, and a West title is also done (which, lets be honest, given LSU, may have been unlikely anyway), but the potential for a mid season streak is still there. We can still have a successful season. It's just tough when by September 22nd, any shot at a national championship, let alone a conference championship, long shot though they might both have been, are already gone. I understand fan frustration and anger as a result.

Anonymous said...

I've got the Arkansas Coaches for next year based on an extensive extrapolation of info from

Coaches for the 2008-2018 Dynastic years of Arkansas Football a.k.a. the Decade of the Pig in no particular order.

D-Coordinator - this is really a tough one and after many hours of close deliberation I'm going to go with JimmyG if we can afford him or Pete Carroll... it's kind of a toss up.
O-Coordinator - again hard... I'm gonna go with Norm Chow, but I'd like to have Steve Spurrier. I know! we'll make Spurrier QB coach... I think that guy is a pretty good one. Long shot would be Johnny Fayetteville for his cutting edge offensive scheme that many parallel with chaos theory
Special Teams coach - Tony Dungy hands down, if you think anyone is better than the D-Man at special teams "I'll have some of whatever you've been smokin". In reality he really won't have to do much... no punts, no field goals... We will however need one hell of a kickoff coverage scheme. I'm estimating will be kicking off anywhere from 15-20 times per game.

Head Coach - hands down... Bill Parcels. OR for the amount of money will already be paying out, we can dig up Bill Walsh and prop him up next to the trashcan full of Koolaid that all the people in the town north of Fayetteville and south of Lowell drink before they go the big church south of 412 but north of Johnson.

(I think it would be pretty scary to have a mummified football legend on the sideline) which is also why I'm voting Reagan or Johnson in '08... I can't decide which one would be scarier.