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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Studio Jimmy G - Saturday Sept. 15

Early Games
TV 1 - Mississippi State @ Auburn
TV 2 - Pittsburgh @ Michigan State
TV 3 - Iowa @ Iowa State

Afternoon Games
TV 1 - Tennessee @ Florida
TV 2 - Notre Dame @ Michigan
TV 3 - Ohio State @ Washington

Evening Games
TV 1 - Arkansas @ Alabama
TV 2 - USC @ Nebraska
TV 3 - Boston College @ Georgia Tech

Heading down to the beach for one last day. Taking Elisha with me and the new razorpod for entertainment. See everyone on Saturday.


Born Red said...

Be sure to put USC-Nebraska on TV1 after the Hogs game is over. Nebraska should be up about 21-7 by then.

Johnny Fayetteville said...

I don't think Born Red should listen to the most recent podcast if he thinks that is going to be the result.

Born Red said...

Born Red and Jimmy Gee both took the Huskers. So did

One member of the podcast crew took Troy over Oklahoma State, so I have no respect for them this week.

jimmyg said...

Just listened to last night's razorpod beachside (just got rained back into the condo, so y'all can feel good about that), and it was a great show. Really enjoyed the part about Jimmy G's inability to bring ladies back from Florida. Funny stuff.

I also liked JF's Tennessee pick - "against my better judgment" was said about 20 times.

Johnny Fayetteville said...

Go . . . Vols . . . I guess.