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Monday, September 17, 2007

Ernest Mitchell Suspended for Kentucky Game

Arkansas head football coach Houston Nutt suspended junior defensive tackle Ernest Mitchell for the Kentucky game this upcoming weekend. Mitchell was ejected from Saturday's game against Alabama for ripping offensive tackle Justin Britt's helmet and throwing it at him. Addittional information on the jump.

No place for what Mitchell did, although I can understand why he was upset. His leg was caught underneath him, and all 325 pounds of Justin Britt was on top of him, with one hand on this throat and one on his facemask, grinding him into the turf several seconds after the play was whistled dead. Britt did his best soccer player imitation, acting like his head had been nearly severed and limping to the sidelines Brodie Croyle style only to sprint back onto the field on the very next play.

It's always the second guy that gets caught.


jimmyg said...

There's no excuse for what Mitchell did. I don't care what Britt was doing. You cannot pull off a player's helmet and try to hit him with it. Fortunately, Britt was not injured. This incident is too severe to wipe away with the it's-the-second-guy-who-always-get-caught excuse.

I will amend my statement from Saturday night that I would kick Ernest Mitchell off the team. This was his first offense, and while a suspension is warranted, dismissal from the team is too harsh.

scott said...

I personally don't have a problem with a guy hitting someone in the face with their own helmet. I for one think that a helmet to the face usually stops some of that sort of bs. If Britt would have taken his hands off of Mitchell's throat, he would have been able to keep his helmet on. It's nice to finally be playing in the SEC. I like a little fire, it actually felt like our defense started playing after that.

"I'll just horse collar him... there's not a horse collar rule is there?"

Anonymous said...

Mitchell deserves a suspension, but Britt wasn't an innocent bystander either. After that play, the tide of the entire game began to turn.

Arkytam said...

Mitchell should not be a Razorback. Period.