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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The virtue of the spread

Spencer Tillman, writing for CBS notes, " the spread wreaks havoc with defensive schemes, particularly if it's run by highly skilled athletes, boosted by overall team speed and precise execution. Not that long ago, the spread was seen as a gimmick, but today's oddball approach often is tomorrow's genius. The spread is effective because it allows teams to create one-on-one matchups, take advantage of speed, limit the defense by formation, cut back on blitzing and reduce the number of blocks that are needed."

Not to dig up old business, but I think a few of us on the RAN made similar arguments when Gus Malzahn was hired (and subsequently fired, I mean demoted, I mean quit) at Arkansas. Observes Tillman, "
The centerpiece of any good offense is the ability to match your approach with the talent you have. In effect, size and strength are at best compromised. Florida conducted a clinic in quickness over bulk in last year's BCS Championship Game. The lesson didn't fall on deaf ears."

Tillman concludes,"
Once upon a time, smash-mouth, three yards and a cloud of dust was the norm. A running game is still the foundation of great football, however today we're seeing another era. The spread is flattening the competitive playing field." I wonder if Houston Nutt is listening?

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