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Monday, September 10, 2007

Arkansas is Not Necessarily a Tough Place to Play, But . . .

It's a hell of a hard place to coach per ESPN. No wonder Houston is aging like he is. The writer places Bama at the top of the list of hard places to coach, but the Hogs are not too far behind at number five.
We're number five! We're number five! We're number five!
Oops, that's actually not a good thing.


Tom Logan said...

If we're going by last year, I'd say it is the toughest. If we are going by the last ten years, I'd say it's not close to the top ten.

Born Red said...

Please. Lloyd Carr would be there FOREVER if he had won a national championship. HDN is still riding off his 9-0 start from how many years ago?

And Solich deserved to be fired.

The Chief said...

sure is quiet over here. c'mon razorpod crew... post some articles. what are you all doing? working?