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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kentucky 42 Arkansas 29

Think about this, with the best player in Razorback history and the best running back duo in college football, Houston Nutt has managed a record of 15-13.


Arkytam said...

this is so sad...i just want to vomit.

The Chief said...

Nate Allen states it best: "But Nutt, resilient as crabgrass, often has proven you can still have a good season after an 0-2 SEC start." Right on NATE!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what can be done about receivers who can't catch, corners who can't cover, and coaches that are so oddly stubborn.

Johnny Fayetteville said...

Buford probably summmed it up best this morning when he said that we are an incomplete team.

You can still have a successful season with a great running game and iffy passing game, but you better have a great defense. We did last year, and were successful. We don't yet this year, and we have lost two close SEC games.

We are averaging 450+ yards per game and over 37 points. However, our opponents are averaging 400+ yards per game and over 36 points. You're just not going to win many games like that.

My personal take is that on offense, we're like a baseball team that can't get a timely hit. You can get 2 base hits an inning, and wind up with 18 hits in a nine inning game, but unless they come in bunches or at the right times, it's really just for show. We can't make an important play at an important time.