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Friday, September 14, 2007

Dennis Dodd on Arkansas/Alabama

In his Weekend Watch List column, Dennis Dodd of CBS has this to say about the Arkansas - Alabama match-up:

Alabama is looking at a 7-0 start. It gets Arkansas (Saturday) and Georgia in back-to-back home games, followed by Florida State in Jacksonville, Houston and Ole Miss. That's one true road game in the first six.

Look out if 'Bama comes in undefeated for the Tennessee game on Oct. 20.

WWWWL Do? (Or What Would Weekend Watch List Do?) Forget quarterback Casey Dick at Arkansas. Line up Darren McFadden or Felix Jones in the Wildcat formation on every play. Leading receiver Marcus Monk is out with a knee injury. Why risk Dick's scatter-shooting at 'Bama? At least you know what you're getting with D-Mac and Jones.

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