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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

There is justice in the world

The USA Today/Coaches Poll is out and Michigan, ranked #5 last week, fell out of the Top 25. I think it was ESPN's Reece Davis who said that any coach who voted Michigan in the Top 25 should have their card yanked. Michigan still received 132 votes, putting the Wolverines just 22 votes shy of 25th.

Clemson, who whipped a Top 20 team, didn't make it. Georgia Tech, who didn't, did. Huh? Tennessee also hangs around at 24 after taking a beating at Cal.

Hogs are 18th, up 2 spots from last week. Climb that mountain, Houston!


Johnny Fayetteville said...

That's about as high as we could have moved up, considering who lost in front of us. We'll deserve to move up a fair bit if we beat Bama.

scott said...

I'm thinking Michigan drop to maybe... 7th. This is complete BS. Those guys are Michigan!