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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I Voted For the Hogs Before I Voted Against the Hogs

A good number of Razorback "fans" predicted (and probably more accurately and truthfully, hoped) we would lose to Troy. They said how we couldn't stop the pass and how horrendous we were. They thought Troy would come here and stun us. They cited Stewart Mandel's pick of Troy over the Hogs on as proof.
The actual result? One bad defensive quarter with a two touchdown lead against a Sun Belt team and, finally, a 20 point victory. The game was actually a four touchdown spread until a true garbage touchdown at the gun. Quiet any skeptics or "hataz" to the north? Nope, not really. More fussing that we didn't beat them badly enough and that Troy, world beaters at 5:59 PM, was horrible at 9:30.
Note to the nattering nabobs of negativism: You can't have it both ways. Are we going to be pretty good, or do we suck? Was Troy a good team with a chance to beat the Hogs like you claimed? If so, where is the credit for beating a dangerous team fairly easily? Take a position and stick to it, but the recurring flip flops remind me of the claims made against the junior Senator from Massachusetts. Just finding something you don't like and blaming it on Nutt while penning Valentines to players on other teams is just sad.
By the way, 73,000 attended the game. Saw 4 Mustain jerseys, all on 45 year old men with mustaches. One "16" hat in the stadium worn by a guy, swear to God, who also wore a Springdale Bulldogs jersey. No riots in the stands. No big protests. Great day on the Hill.

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docintherock said...

Well stated, dude. The "hataz" are driven by hate, not logic.

Go figure.