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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I think Johnny made this same point last night, Florida State is talent poor. Good read by Mark Schlabach.


Johnny Fayetteville said...

I think you can also place Tennessee into this category. They can't run and can't stop the run. Yeah, Ainge is solid. But they lose Meacham, Swaim, and Smith from last year's team. I think they're going to get in a lot of shootouts and come up short in a lot of them as their defense tires.

BSR said...

Florida State and Tennessee are dying giants. Maybe I should say Bobby Bowden and Philip Fulmer are. These guys can't recruit the kind of talent - or they can't get the most out of the talent they recruit - I can't determine which. Nevertheless, these are marquee jobs that any coach at the collegiate or pro level would love to have. I wonder when the alumni of both is going to wake up.