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Monday, September 24, 2007

Robert Shields Predicts Nutt's Demise

Robert Shields says that this weekend's loss will prove to be Houston's demise. Good insight into the effect that Nutt's emotions seem to have on his team. Plus, what seems as a waste of two of the best players to ever wear the cardinal and white is simply unacceptable.


Tom Logan said...

I doubt Nutt is back, but I'd say Shields is a loss early. If we lose to Auburn, Nutt will be unable to recover.

Johnny Fayetteville said...

It is entirely conceivable (perhaps probable) that we win six in a row. Kentucky, as much as we should have beaten them, was a stylistically problematic team. If we win 6 in a row, and get into November, who knows what will happen. If we lose to Auburn, we will be 3-3 with no SEC wins. He would then pretty much need to win out until the LSU game to have any shot at keeping his job.

jimmyg said...

I agree with Logan. The Auburn game will be Nutt's Waterloo (sp?).

BSR said...

Auburn is last season's Alabama and the season before that's Ole Miss. If history tell us anything, Nutt will win it and get on a run. That said, Tuberville's feeling the heat down there, so he's going to have to find a win over an 0-2 Arkansas (especially since they'll get drubbed by Florida this weekend).

Interestingly, it seems as G Baby appropriately noted, LSU has all but locked up the SEC West in Week 3.

That means that another season goes by where Arkansas (a) doesn't play for a national title, (b) doesn't win the SEC (c) doesn't make it to a BCS game, and (d) loses back-to-back SEC games.

Nice work, Houston.