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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Negative, Ghost Rider, the Pattern is Full

As further proof that some of our fans are the biggest morons in the world, apparently a group of disgruntled Razorback fans have raised enough money to hire an airplane with a banner saying "Players and Fans Deserve Better -- Fire Nutt!" to fly over the tailgate areas and around the stadium this weekend before the North Texas game.
Look, don't buy tickets. Get on message boards until your eyes cross. Herd your family into the basement, hold them at gunpoint, have a personal crisis, and call in to whatever show you want and go all Mike Gundy on Houston Nutt. But c'mon. This is ridiculous. I am sure this will insure whatever coach you think we deserve will come here immediately.
Sometimes I am embarrassed to be a Razorback fan. This is one of those times.


Tom Logan said...

I'm frequently embarrassed to be a Razorback fan, often because of the team's performance. But those dudes are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

are these the same people who fight in the stands at T-Ball games?