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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yes, Elisha, it is the famed Third Saturday in October

The Third Saturday in October. That simple phrase has only one meaning in the Deep South - Alabama is playing Tennessee. Unfortunately, if you live outside the South, you will only hear about this game, because it will not be on national television. Fortunately, the Razorpod Crew will be able to see this game, and keep their eye on several other intriguing games this weekend - no, I'm not talking about the Hogs vs. Ole Miss. The national games that the Crew will be predicting includes the aforementioned Tennessee/Alabama game as well as Florida at Kentucky, Texas Tech at Missouri, and Auburn at LSU. The Studio will be tracking all of these games throughout the afternoon, but will have to close early due to a primetime fiesta. Studio Patrick Williams will be the setting for the following:

Auburn at LSU. 8 p.m. kickoff. Death Valley. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

How has the college football landscape changed in the past couple of years (or past six weeks)? Miami at Florida State and USC at Notre Dame are on tap for this Saturday, and those two games aren't even close to mattering in the national title chase. However, if you're a college football diehard, those games still stir the emotions and may even wake up a few echoes.

Don't forget about the Thursday night game. #2 South Florida travels to last year's national darling, Rutgers, to see if the Bulls can keep their national title hopes. PU Alum Chris Fowler will endure the Pony and Doug Flutie for three plus hours as the rest of us root on the Scarlet Knights to finish off USF.

Other games to keep an eye on this weekend: Penn State at Indiana, Vanderbilt at South Carolina, Cal at UCLA, Michigan State at Ohio State, Mississippi State at West Virginia, Kansas at Colorado, Oregon at Washington, and Michigan at Illinois.

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Tom Logan said...

Great picture to go along with a great week of football. Some intriguing SEC matchups. Go Gators!