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Friday, October 05, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

Some random thoughts on this Saturday's big slate of college football:

1. Finally, there are some entertaining early kickoffs. The 2007 season has provided few exciting 11:00 a.m. games outside of App. State's win over Michigan in the Big House. That change's tomorrow. No. 5 Wisconsin visits Ron Zook and his 4-1 Fighting Illini in what should be a good indicator of where both teams stand nationally and in the Big Ten race. Wisconsin is viewed as a paper tiger what with less than convincing wins against less than convincing opposition, while most people on the sane side of the lunatic asylum just can't wrap their head around Ron Zook actually improving a program's fortunes. I'll take Wisconsin and their vast experience in playing 11:00 a.m. games over the Illini. Other intriguing early starts - Kansas visits K-State (give me K-State over the Manginas), Auburn hosting Vandy while on super letdown alert (I'll take Auburn on a late FG), Ga. Tech visits Maryland (Ga. Tech over the suddenly resurgent Terps), and Miami visits their former head coach Butch Davis and UNC (Miami in a defensive slopfest)

2. The lack of hype for the OU-Texas game is appalling. Sure, these teams are coming off losses, but this is the Red River Rivalry. What tops the antiquated Cotton Bowl, the final weekend of the Texas State Fair, and 75,000 OU and Texas fans cramming themselves equally into the stadium for a blood feud? I'll tell you what - nada. Just thinking about the teams heading thru the tunnel and down the ramp onto the field gives me goosebumps. Boomer Sooner this year as the two game Texas win streak in this game comes to an end. Can the cry for Mack Brown's job be far behind?

3. SEC Saturday looms with the aforementioned Vandy/Auburn game along with UGA visiting Tennessee and Florida heading to Baton Rouge to play LSU in a primetime CBS game. If you're so inclined, you can watch SEC football for ten straight hours, leave the rest of country outside, and not miss anything important (other than OU/Texas, of course). Begin your SEC day at Jordan-Hare Stadium at 11:30 a.m. on LFS, then head pretty much due north to Neyland Stadium for the 2:30 p.m. kick on CBS between Georgia and Tennessee (just be sure to bring your own copy of Neyland's Seven Maxims - Press the Kicking Game for Godssakes!), and finally, wind your way southeast to Death Valley and Baton Rouge for Florida/LSU at 7:00 p.m. Jimmy G likes Tennessee and Florida to survive this weekend.

4. Not to be forgotton is the late night showdown between Big XII North foes Nebraska and Missouri. Show up drunk, fat, and late to this 8:15 p.m. kick on ESPN after you've watched Florida pull off the win over No. 1 LSU and enjoy the offensive fireworks. Mizzou's offense will overwhelm the Huskers below average defense, and Born Red will be left to plan his late December trip to Shreveport for the Independence Bowl.

5. Enjoy your Saturday of college football whether be at a friendly stadium or a comfortable couch. Please drink irresponsibly and let somebody else drive you home.

Jimmy G


The Chief said...

Why's that lady wearing a bikini in the background? Good stuff.

Jimmy G is going to explode with all his favorite teams playing big games this Saturday. The Vols, OU, and! Someone please put a live feed video on the internet so we can watch Jimmy G go bonkers and become the next YouTube sensation.

Johnny Fayetteville said...

That already happened last weekend in Tunica when OU lost to Colorado. Too bad we didn't have a camera.

Born Red said...

Chief--Why would you question why someone is wearing a bikini? Just accept it, my friend.

Gee--Hate to say it, but you're probably right about Nebraska. Despite picking them as my sleeper, I have zero confidence in them.